Pregnant Jennifer Takes Violet To Art Class

Jennifer Garner takes 2-year-old Violet to ‘Creative Education in the Visual Arts’ on Tuesday. We get a good look at Jen’s belly in the header picture, but in the other photos Violet’s a good cover up. 😉

More pics added after the jump

Photos: Flynet

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  1. MDD

    Jen, please let Violet walk…

  2. christie

    big purse and child in arms again jen!!! trying to hide from those pesky paps!:)

  3. Lana

    I wouldn’t let my child walk if we were being constantly followed by photographers. If she got spooked and tried to get away from them . . . there is plenty of time to walk around the house and in private areas.

    Not to mention the fact that there have been plenty of pics of her walking . . .

  4. Kelly B

    anyone know who makes the bag she is carrying? I love it!!

  5. neve

    i agree. i would carry my kid with that many people following!
    i think the main give away that shes preggers would be how high she is carrying violet (above the bump)………usually its on the hip but once your expecting you move ’em on up!

  6. @Kelly B I’m trying to find out for you.

  7. Amanda

    I don’t think Jennifer is pregnant and if she is I won’t believe it til SHE and Ben make an OFFICAL announcement or it is clearly and obvious that she’s pregnant.

    also I think Violet is plenty old enough to walk more than they let,so what if there are paparazzi,hold her hand.She’ll be fine,Julianne Moore’s daughter walks all the time with paparazzi around and not to mention they live in NYC and in a neighboorhood that is home to several other celebs so there are tons of paps and ppl out in general and she lets her kid walk.

  8. Nicole

    Julianne Moore’s daughter is 6, not two. Big difference.

    Besides, Violet is not your child – if Jennifer wants to carry her own kid, she can carry her own kid.

  9. Rosy J

    I totally agree with you Nicole. Up top girl!

  10. erica

    I think people need to just remeber that she can do whatever she wants with her kid…maybe she likes carry her kid around…and its her kid…HER KID and no one is doing anything for Violet but Jen & Ben so leave them alone…

  11. Amanda

    its not good for the baby if Jennifer is preganant and I do not think she is for her to be carrying around a two year old who is perfectly capable of walking.Even if it is “her” kid.

    Julianne let her daughter Liv walk around at age two,she even chased her around the West Village on thanksgiving at age two and wasn’t carrying her constantly at a young age.

  12. erica

    …either way im sure Jen know what is best for herself and her kid…and it doesn’t matter what you feel she should be doing there is nothing wrong with carrying your kid especially with creepy people around snapping photos and taking video and don’t forget about the fans that may approach them…none of you know how crazy and scary their lives are like…so just trust her judgment here Violet isntplaying with lighters or anything lol

  13. Nicole

    I have never heard of a baby being harmed because its mom was carrying its sibling. Grow a brain.

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