Myleene Klass Stopped By Immigration Over Daughter

“They looked at Ava’s passport and said, ‘Are you sure you’re her mother? Her name is Quinn.’ I was just made to feel like I was baby smuggling, or kidnapping my own daughter. They held me for ages before they let me go. What did they want, a DNA test?”

Source: The Sun

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  • Anonymous

    this is ridiculous..i can’t believe they did that

  • erica

    yeah you would think they would be aware that some kids dont have the surname of one of their parents especially if they parents are NOT married

  • Jen

    This story has me worried as I have relatives that live overseas and we were planning a trip soon to see everyone. Two of my children have different last names than myself since they were from previous relationships. I really hope that something like this doesn’t happen to me :/
    I swear flying has become a big hassle, especially dealing with immigrations -.-

  • Whitney

    Don’t you have to carry the child’s birth certificate with you if they are under 2? Maybe this is just a policy in the U.S. It seems that would have easily cleared up any confusion…

  • auntie_git

    WOWSA. That’s kinda scary, but i’m thinking they wouldn’t have done it unless someone has pulled it before. Guess I’ll keep the birth certs and/or passport handy when I travel with my kids!

  • Tracy

    Unfortunately, people steal kids. And use them for smuggling. It’s just a reality of the world today.

  • Anonymous

    You should always have a letter of consent from the other parent, especially if the last name doesn’t match your own… regardless of if you’re married to the father or not. I’m in Canada, and even just driving through the border we get asked for a letter since my daughter’s last name isn’t the same as mine. I would think for flying, it would be doubly important. I thought this was common? Most abductions are custody related, so it makes definite sense.

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