Thomas Beatie Introduces His Daughter: Susan Juliette

Thomas Beatie, better known around the world as the Pregnant Man, can already sense that his 3-week-old daughter is easygoing and smart,

“She’s easygoing and mellow and intelligent.”

On June 29 at 8:55 p.m., Beatie, 34, a former woman, made history as perhaps the first legally transgender male to give birth, bringing into the world a 9 lbs., 5 oz. baby girl named Susan Juliette,

“She’s so precious, I just can’t stop staring at her,” Thomas tells People in his first interview since giving birth. “Just holding her is the best feeling in the world.”

Susan is named after Thomas’ mother. She arrived after 40 hours of labor, with Nancy at Thomas’ side acting as his coach,

“When Susan finally came out, it was like in slow motion,” said Thomas. “I was full of wonder.” Nancy agrees: “There were tears of joy.” Thomas went on to say, “Susan is a miracle! And we’re finally the family we’ve been dreaming of.”

Both Thomas and Susan came through the birth in perfect health. Thomas has already lost all of the pregnancy weight,

“I weigh two pounds less than I did before I got pregnant. And I don’t have a single stretch mark!”

At home, the couple is adjusting to their new schedule: Nancy is breastfeeding (by induced lactation, which a process using hormones and physical stimulation with a breast pump) and Thomas is keeping company while watching TV.

Source: People

Photo: People

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  • Cari

    She is a woman. A man does not have a uterus. Therefore, any time someone refers to “him” as a “he”, they are mistaken.

    Sorry. 😐

  • Michelle

    Agreed…..but that doesn’t sell as many newspapers, right? It makes for way less interesting headines. She’s still a woman with a body altered to resemble that of a man’s. If only we didn’t have to “tabloidize” everything…..

  • Lala

    Thats a pretty big baby weighing in at over 9 lbs. and 40 hours of labor? no thanks.

  • Marlene

    This whole thing makes me sick .. HE is not a HE .. HE is a SHE .. I wish they would stop calling Her a MAN .. A MAN cannot and will not ever give birth to a baby .. lets face it!! I get so grossed out when I see her that I can’t even believe I am commenting. Also wouldn’t it be considered PORN if SHE is shown with NO TOP on?? How are they getting away with this?? A beard does not make a man.

  • Tracy

    Wow, how accepting and open-minded of you, Marlene.

  • erica

    you know people who judge others…only do so to mask their own in securities…and his baby is very cute.

  • ellen

    It’s not about being open minded. A beard and a flat chest do not make a man. (and in my opinion nor does a surgically created penis.) She still has her uterus and vagina and therefore has not completely changed gender. I wish them well and hope this does not affect the child in any way growing up.

  • Tiffany

    No sorry needed Cari , I totally agree with you. Woman means womb + man.

  • Lana

    it’s not about having an open mind, i agree. it’s about legality. legally, he is a man. that’s all there is to it. call him what you want, he’s a man.

    grow up people. what he does in no way affects you so why are you judging?

  • Carolina

    Honestly I only think about the child, how is she going to handle this situation, what will it do to her, her understanding of the world… things like that. But she is indeed very cute!

  • Jen

    I am a very open minded person but this really has nothing to do with being open minded. It has to do with biology not legality. If this individual still has a uterus and a vagina, then this individual is biologically a woman. Also, regardless of any surgical procedure done, you cannot change your biological make up. Dna will still come up as female. How this person wants to live their lives is entirely up to them and more power to them. Whatever makes them happy is wonderful as there are many in this world that are not. I think what most people are saying is that the label of “Pregnant Man” is a bit silly seeing as this person is in no way, shape or form, an actual man. Sorry, but you cannot change dna no matter how hard you may want to.

    As for the baby, she is so beautiful and I’m positive she will lead a full and happy life.

  • Hannah

    It does kind of bother me when the media refers to Thomas as the “pregnant man”. He is transgender, (not that there’s anything wrong with it, to each his own). It seems like they only say “pregnant man” to sell magazines and up the ratings.

    Beautiful baby. I’m happy for them. Everyone should be able to experience the joy that comes from having a child (biologically or not) no matter their sexual orientation or situation.

  • pika

    It’s the exploitation that’s a bit dicey for me. Fine, do what you want to do–live the way you need to, but making appearances on Oprah and granting magazine interview and photo ops is exploiting the baby/family.

  • Jen

    Talk about trash. This person is a freak show! It’s disgusting. Sorry if I’m too close minded for you, but the bottom line is that this child is going to grow up confused and made fun of. This whole story is tragic, in my opinion.

  • Julie

    That’s a cute, cute baby! I think she looks a lot like him! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    The baby is adorable!

  • antigonie

    People who are commenting are completely missing the point, the baby is healthy. Raising a baby has nothing to do with what gender you are, as long as the baby is loved and cared for then why should she grow up different from any other child. She has a mother and a FATHER, and that is between the family and the child if Thomas wants to tell Susan about his past as a woman. Just because her father is not all man or what you all think a man should be doesn’t mean she’s going to have this horrible life that all you “psychics” (because you can predict the future)seem to know. How are we ever going to be able to make it in this world if all we do is judge and not accept others that have different backgrounds. People always say you should think about the future but we’re all so stuck in the past that we forget to think about it.

  • Julie

    Oh, and I love Juliette! I love how they used the French version of the name 🙂
    Congrats to the happy parents and long and happy life to the family!

  • A highly commented-on story – not surprising. @ antigonie, my feelings are similar. The baby, mother and father are happy and love each other. To me, it’s pretty simple: love knows no boundaries and does not judge.

  • touché #17 & 19
    I feel the same way. Give love – get love!

  • Kinder

    >> “Sorry if I’m too close minded for you, but the bottom line is that this child is going to grow up confused and made fun of”

    With people like you, there’s no way to be happy, no matter what you are, no matter how you describe yourself. People like you are the same people who make teenagers commit suicide because they’re “different”. And yes, I agree, “this is tragic”… in my opinion 🙂

  • Khemnis

    He makes me sick…..but only because he was 2lbs lighter after giving birth than when he got pregnant and has absolutely no stretch marks. That’s just not fair! =-)

    The only way this baby is not going to have a healthy, happy and full life is if closed minded, ignorant people stare and don’t keep their mouths shut.

    Best of luck to them all.

  • Not even sure how I ended up on this article or on this site, but KUDOS to antigonie, Julie, Khemnis, Jenny, Tracy, Erica, and Lana!

    Some of you others are embarrassing to this human race with the way you speak. Get your head out from under a rock, and realize that this child will be fine, as long as their is love and stability and support. Gender, orientation, etc. is meaningless. Read, do your homework. So many definitive studies have been completed in the last decade. Children growing up with LGBT parents are just as happy, mentally stable and healthy as children in Heterosexual households.

    This kind of attitude has brought the rate of suicide attempts for LGBT youth to a sickening 30%. Look at yourself, you’re hurting people with your hatred and ignorance. Please, for a moment, put your preconceived notions of what is and is not right aside, and look at individuals as humanity in all of it’s beauty and awe. Your objections are so small and so silly in the grand scheme of things.

    To Thomas, Nancy and beautiful Susan Juliette, I wish you warmth, and love and happiness all your days to come.

  • Michelle

    I disagree with Beau’s post. There are many definitive studies that claim just the opposite (not that I’m a big fan of studies). I was just reading about one last week that said that children in gay households are much more likely to be abused by one of their parents. So for every ‘pro’ study, I’m sure we can find the corresponding ‘con’ study (one reason I usually don’t like them).

    I agree, though, that we need to treat EVERYONE with kindness and respect, no matter what. I think the bigger question should be something along the lines of “How do we determine what’s moral or not?” I think the US was founded on Judeo-Christian principles and its laws reflect(ed) that. Now that those “traditions” are considered hateful and judgmental, what is the method by which we will determine our morality? In the absence of a standard, I don’t think there’s a good way to solve any of these disagreements….and typically results in just a bunch of arguing and name-calling.

  • Julie

    @ Michelle : I just read this morning that two dads, yes, dads, heterosexuals, in France, left their respectively let their 4-year-old and 2 1/2-year-old kids, locked in their cars, during 3 to 4 hour, in the sun, just because they were too much in a hurry and “forgot about them”. The result ? Both the little girl and the little boys are dead. Another dad got so crazy, he hit his 4-year-old girl’s head against a statue in Roma, in front of scared people/tourists. I could go on and tell you about that woman, that was featured in the Daily Mail yesterday, who strangled her newborn child but claims she “did not deliberately killed him”… We hear horrible stories everyday. But just because I read that, I won’t go and say “oh, heterosexual parents are criminals, they treat their kids very badly”. There are crazy people everywhere. Gay, straight, transgender.

    Just because a kid was born in what people would call an “unconventional” family doesn’t mean they’ll grow up to be freaks. That makes me sick to hear that all the time.
    Most gay parents or parents who struggle to have kids will probably give much more love and affection to them because it was so hard to have them, than other parents who have children just because they are able to “procreate”.

    I’m sure little Susan will have all the love and warmth she needs, she’ll be cherished by her Mom and her Dad who love her more than anything because they really desired her. (And God know that unfortunately, not all kids can say the same!)
    Her Dad assumes his past, assumes his story, he’s comfortable with himself and that’s the most important.
    That little girl was born in loving family, of course, there will always be people to mock her, mock her Dad, be cruel to her, but I’m certain she’ll be happy nonetheless.

    I wish them the very best, they really deserve to have a peaceful and happy long life.
    The saddest part of it all is that, once again, gay or transgender people are considered as freaks and as bad parents who can’t raise a child properly because they’re not “normal in their heads”. That really pains me.

    So, as Beau said, kudos to everyone who support them. To the rest of you… I’m sad for you…

  • Kinder

    Michelle’s sooooo right.

    Look at you, you’re completely blind. It’s well-known that LGBT people are perverts…!

    Well, I guess priests (you know, “Judeo-Christian” perfect heterosexual men) must be gay too then.

  • Michelle

    @ Kinder….who said priests are perfect heterosexual men? The abuse cases are just that: abuse. Or can you find somewhere in the Judeo-Christian moral “code” that that behaviour is encouraged and celebrated? Do you really think that Jesus would condone the priests’ horrific behaviour? It goes against EVERYTHING He stands for! Also, I didn’t say that LGBT people are perverts, though now that you mention it, by the definition, would they technically be? You inferred that somehow from what I wrote, though there was absolutely no reason to.

  • Michelle

    @Julie, I don’t know why you addressed your post to me. I agree with pretty much most of what you said.

    In the first paragraph of my post, I was speaking to Beau’s post which was using studies as an authority. I was saying that for every pro study, there’s a con study. I really consider studies as non-information for the most part for that very reason.

    In my second paragraph, I was wondering what we should base our moral standards on in the absence of the apparently outdated Judeo-Christian standard. Maybe you could clarify. Thanks!

  • I left Christianity years ago, but believe some of the above homophobic and hate-driven statements could be guided by a great scripture:

    “Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgment that you pronounce you will be judged, and the measure you give will be the measure you get….”

    It’s simple people. You get what you give in life. Stop judging what you do not understand and, instead, open your heart and your mind to diversity and all of humankind (all of God’s people).

  • Michelle

    @Jenny I’m sorry to hear that you reject Jesus. I hope one day you’ll accept Him again! The reason for my post though is that I think you are misunderstanding the scripture you quoted and thought you might find the explanation at this site: to be helpful in clearing it up. Peace!

  • Emma

    How did I know that Michelle would be a follower of Jesus? So predictable.

  • Anonymous

    I’m shocked by the amount of hateful comments here. I’m glad his baby will not grow up to be like you people.

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