Isabella & Connor Meet Sunday Rose

“Both Connor and Isabella were thrilled to meet their new sister.”

It was recently reported that Tom had banned Isabella and Connor from being present when Nicole gave birth. A source said:

“While Nicole really wanted them there, she didn’t push (the issue) because Tom wasn’t happy about it.”

Source : News Australia

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Yeah, that sounds like something Tom would do… he’s really strange these days.


The kids are teenagers and if they wanted to be present during the birth of their sibling, who cares what Tom thinks? Shame on Nicole for giving into his controlling and manipulative ways when she doesn’t have to anymore.


I wonder if this news will make people stop thinking that Nicole doesn’t care about her older children, hence their absence from the birth? I doubt it.

At least they finally got to see their new sister.

I saw Bella and Connor at the Whole Foods Store in Green Hills area in Nashville on July 15. They were with either a friend of the family or an assistan to Nicole. No one seemed to know who they were. I didn’t say anything. They are nice looking kids and had their cellphones out. Definitely Nicole sees her kids. They probably fly on private jet, etc. I bet she was in heaven with all her children with her. Of course, Bella and Connor will go back or maybe have already gone back to CA. Guess that’s might claim to… Read more »

That’s really sad e wouldnt allow them to be present during the birth of their sister..I always wonder how kids feel after both of their parents have went on and had their own biological children…do they feel left out? anyway im just babbling…im glad they got to meet Sunday