Papa Pitt To Take Legal Action Against Publication Of Photos ?

The shots incriminated feature Brad with new mom Angelina Jolie, his parents and their children Maddox, Pax, Zahara and Shiloh playing in the garden of their rented French Chateau Miraval.

When Brad learned that the paps were reselling the shots to various tabloids, his lawyer, Yael Holtkamp, served the agency with a cease and desist order, and claimed the photos were “surreptitiously” taken by photographers with “highly powerful telephoto lenses”.

Holtkamp insists the publication of the photos violates the family’s privacy rights. But all is well that ends well as the agency behind the photos has already agreed to stop selling them and the images have been removed from its website.

Source : Female First

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  1. Rinoa

    I’ve gotta say that I agree with Brad and Angelina on this one. Photographers are becoming way too invasive, especially concerning celebrities’ children. If a celebrity family is out and about, then I don’t really see a problem but people should definitely not be able to take pictures of them in their own backyards.

  2. Nicole

    They actually took 3 different sets of pics – and I sincerely hope they aren’t taking anymore. Someone wrote an article saying that all the tabloids they have spoken to will no longer buy the pics, so they should stop taking them if no one will buy them.

  3. Amanda

    the Ptt-Jolie kids and parents have a right to privacy and a right to play in THEIR own backyard without being watched,these pap rats need to back off and let the Pitt-Jolies have a chance to breathe and enjoy their family time with their new babies.

  4. Sophie

    This is way too far. Even though I love seeing photos of the Jolie-Pitts, they deserve their privacy – one of these days celebrities are going to bring a lawsuit against these sneaky paps because it’s illegal to take photos of people on their private property and they should be able to let their kids play!

  5. cassie

    i agree i like seeig pics but the paps are going to far. the celebs and their kids should not be forced to stay locked in the house.

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