Update: Blue Lee Ryan Dumps Pregnant Fiancée

Update: Lee Ryan has spoken out to a London newspaper claiming that the reports that he has dumped his pregnant fiancée aren’t true. He said,

“It’s rubbish that we split; we’re getting married next year, we’re going to Vegas.

“We’ve just booked it all. We want a rock ‘n’ roll wedding. I saw it on the internet and people were calling me a w**ker.”

Blue singer Lee Ryan has reportedly walked out on his 5-month-pregnant fiancée Samantha Miller to move in with former bandmate Simon Webbe.

Samantha, 24, is said to be distraught. (who wouldn’t be?)

“The break-up came as a complete shock to Samantha as she thought everything was going really well,” a source tells Star magazine. “She is distraught and doesn’t know what to do – it is horrible enough to be dumped any time, but with her pregnancy, and all her hopes they would build a future as a family, it has left her in tears.”

Source : Now !

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  • Cari

    Uhm. Wow. That’s pretty bad.

  • Miapocca

    She probaly lied about something..not all men go along wiht teh pregnancy traps….girls gotta be carefull..I am sure he will take care of the child, she needs to clean up her tears and accept the situation and get on with life the best way forward..she can take a leaf out of Moynahans book and just be teh ultimate single mother

  • Bev

    Just because he left doesn’t mean she lied about something!

  • Rosy J

    So sad. Hope she finds a way to turn this around.

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