Mark Wahlberg: Ready To Be A Married Man

While doing some press for his upcoming movie Max Payne, actor Mark Wahlberg, 37, explains why he feels he’s ready to be married to long time love, 30-year-old model, Rhea Durham.

“We continue to grow in our relationship,” Wahlberg told PEOPLE on Thursday. “I think we have a much better chance at succeeding and staying together.” “I wasn’t prepared to be married – I don’t care who it was – at [age] 20 or 30,” said Wahlberg. But now, he says, he’s ready for “committing to really making it work constantly and all the other things that go into building a solid foundation.”

Wahlberg is the producer of the HBO hit Entourage, which is loosely based on his nightlife ways. Although Mark still knows how to have a good time, he has given up the “party” aspect of Hollywood, explaining there is so much more you can do in a day.

“Before I couldn’t manage to go to school for four or five hours a day and then be able to get my homework done,” he laughed. “But once I took out the nightlife part of my life, you know going out from 10 to 3, 4, 5, 6 in the morning, there’s enough time in the day to do all the stuff I’m doing and then some and get a good eight hours sleep.”

Rhea and Mark have two children, Ella, 4, and Michael, 2 . They are expecting their 3rd child and currently planning a wedding for summer 2009.

Source: People

Photo: Bauer-Griffin

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  1. chrisma

    Glad he finally decide to get marry after two kids and another one under way.

  2. chrisma

    Glad he finally decide to get marry after two kids and another one on the way.

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