Pete Doherty Out In London With Son Astile

Source: Daily Mail

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  • kris

    Gross! Why must his hair always look like a dirty wet mop? And the smoking next to his adorable son? Classy.

  • Janie

    Peter Doherty is a dirty and disgusting drug addict!!! Why is he smoking next to his son??? This guy should be locked up!! I feel very sorry for his son who is adorable!

  • Anonymous

    Pete looks like he has been run over by a truck. Ick!

  • lala

    Good to see that, despite his problems, he’s still making an attempt with his son. Drug addicts aren’t necessarily bad people, they’re just very lost souls.

    And unfortunately plenty of parents smoke around there kids, probably because their parents did it when they were young too. Sad but true.

  • m

    oh my god i can’t believe he has a son! he should be thrown in a bleach bath and sent to rehab pronto.. who is his mother that let’s him visit his junkie dad?!

  • Sophie

    His mum is Lisa Moorish and she was with Pete and Astile on the trip 🙂

  • Amanda

    god he always looks so filthy dirty,why did Kate ever get involved with him?and he looks like he has some kind of skin infection too yuck,why were they in front of a pub with a kid?

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