A Girl On The Way For Matt & Luciana

Matt Damon’s wife Luciana is “due soon” with a girl who will join big sisters Isabella, 2, and Damon’s stepdaughter, Alexia, 9. The actor spoke to USA Today about weight, work and family.

On being the only male in the household: “I’m so outnumbered down here, it’s crazy.”

On choosing a name: “We decided to wait till she’s born, and then we’re going to get a look at her and we’ll probably keep debating it”

On the launch of his other “baby” charity group, One X One: “It’s about helping kids. “It’s not like before I was a father I was like, ‘The hell with those kids.’ But something does shift when you have a child of your own. It’s hard not to look at every child as somehow connected to you.”

On work: [except for the Green Zone reshoots, he’s] “taking the rest of the year off, and I’m just hanging out with my family.”

On the weight he gained for The Informant: “I’m just boxing. I figure if you get hit enough times, it will fall off. If you put it on, it’s easier to get it back off.”

Source: USA Today

Photo: Pacific Coast News

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  • Rosy J

    I adore Matt. He is such a nice guy and funny as hell. Good luck to them.

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