Ben Affleck Confirms The Baby News To Kevin Smith

“[Ben] came over last week and told me, ‘I’m having another baby!’ Smith told Us Friday at a Maxim party for Pineapple Express in San Diego Friday. “I said, ‘Right on!'”

The director added that the pregnancy is “wonderful news” and that the couple are “looking for a bigger house now.”

Source : Us Magazine

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  1. kndr422

    I always wondered when they were gonna have a 2nd baby. I wonder if the baby will have blonde hair like Violet. I doubt it though. Any guesses on the gender they’ll have next? I’m gonna guess a boy. Too early to know.. i know.. but that’s what I think they’ll have next.

  2. Anonymous

    Not too early…reports are that she is about 5 months along. However, in celebrity land they don’t typically confirm until the baby is born!

  3. Rosy J

    Kndr422, since both Ben and Jen were blond as toddlers, there is a good chance the new baby will be blond as well. I kinda think they will have another girl.

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