Sandra Bullock, Jesse James & Daughter @ LAX

Source : Bauer Griffin

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  1. she’s my favorite. i wonder if she will have her own biological child. you can tell from the gestures that she’s really close with Sunny. can’t wait until her next movie comes out.

  2. whatever

    please. mother of the year? where were these STUPID photographers on 7/29, when she is dropping sunny off AT her ONLY mom house with her dirty bag of laundry and bug bites all over her legs! and where was she at the court date TODAY, where she is helping jesse make up fabrications about sunny’s ONLY mom with their smut lawyer marilyn slifman about sunny’s ONLY mom?! the coward sandra, decided to cowardly stay at home NOT being the ‘stepmom of the year’, while jesse shows up in court, getting shot down. come on media people, start telling the REAL story about sandra bullock! she is NOT what everyone thinks, start digging and asking jesses’ family what really goes on, not even sandra knows, and if she does, she is just as bad as jesse. just because you make a good movie as ‘an actress’, doesn’t mean you are a good person!

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