Levi McConaughey Ok! Photoshoot

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  • gavmitri

    So cute and they look so happy.

  • Kate

    levi looks just like her

  • He does look like Camila – so adorable!!

  • Jen

    I was thinking the same thing ^^ He looks like his mum for sure. He’s gorgeous and I love the photos. They look so happy and so in love. The picture of Matthew holding Levi is amazing! Such a big smile for a newborn!

  • anne

    As if brand new babies weren’t enough, first-time parents are just adorable!

  • Cari

    Those pictures brightened up an otherwise dreary day. He is absolutely adorable. And they do look so happy.

  • Carolina

    Oh my God! He is so cute! They look so in love too…Ahnnn, these pictures make me wanna have my own baby! 😉

  • He’s adorable! What sweet pics. They look like a normal, happy (& ridiculously good looking) family!

  • Sherry

    Marry her, Mtthew!

  • belicoso

    At least we can all be relatively sure that Matthew McConaughey is donating the money he receives for the pictures to a worthy charity. That is a lot better than a lot of celebrity parents who seem to take no shame in exploiting their children for their own profit. The Larry Birkheads and Dina Lohans of the world need to get real jobs and quit earning their living by having every moment of their children’s lives documented by the paps and gossip mags.

  • Olivia

    i love new born photoshots! its always full of positiv energy and happyness.
    Levi looks like Camila in my opinion

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