Spanish Little Stars In Palma

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  • jane doe

    adorable girls- but i can’t help but laugh at his footwear.. very european, so it’s normal for him… but still funny to see a man wearing sandals like that to americans! 🙂

  • Julie

    @ jane doe : you know, I’m French but I always laugh at those shoes too. Looks a bit ridiculous to me too. That’s a bit too girly imo… 😉

  • Adler

    Hi everybody!

    Those shoes are a traditional footwear from the Balearic Islands (the place where they’re enjoying their holidays).
    That sandals are called “menorquinas” and were used by farmers and fishermen of the island.
    They’re usually made from leather and rubber from old tires, and since a decade moreless, become a Spains’s summer favourite, as they are comfortable, cool and nowadays are made in a wide range of colours, patterns and materials.

    I wish I’ve helped to understand why Spanish are so fond to these shoes : )

    PD: If you’re travelling abroad in summer, you can guess who is spanish just looking his/her feet.

    Sorry for my english

  • Julie

    @ Adler : Thanks a lot for these explanations. I guessed they meant smthg because I saw all the boys of the family (including Froilan, Juan, Pablo and Miguel) wearing those on official photos.

    My comment was not mean, I just think they look funny, I hope you didn’t take it bad 😉

  • jaden

    I love how the Europeans dresss their children. There’s nothing more beautiful than a baby in a beautiful dress. I really dislike how people dress their cute children in sweatsuits all the time. They are only little once and a simple elegant sundress can be found at any price these days and made of cotton and other comfortable materials.

  • Adler

    @ Julie:

    Of course not!
    I know that “menorquinas” look strange if you’re not used to ; )

    PS: If you go to Spain, try on a pair!
    They’re cheap and are made in all sizes!

  • chrisma

    Beautiful family.The girls are so cute.I like how they dress alike.

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