Sheryl Crow Snaps Pictures Of Wyatt

In an exclusive interview with Page Six Magazine, Sheryl Crow, 44, opened up about her health, son Wyatt, 15 months, and her new boyfriend. Here’s a few snippets from the interview:

On the true guy in her life – Wyatt Steven: “He is all boy,” she says. “He is very game. He has done everything early. He started walking at 10 months and I think that is due to the fact that he’s a very curious kid.” She remembers the day he started walking. “I was over at my girlfriend’s house in Kansas City, and she’s got three teenage boys and I could tell he wanted to be with them, so it’s like, ‘I’ve got to start walking!’

On a sibling for Wyatt: “I don’t know,” she says. “Right now he is coming into his own personality, so it’s all about him.”

On Sheryl’s decision to adopt after tumultuous time in her life: “There was a shift in my life when I got diagnosed, [with breast cancer] because it demanded I look at everything and redefine my life,” she says. “I always felt I would be a mom. I have strong ­maternal instincts.”

For the full interview visit Page Six Magazine.

Sheryl Crow took Wyatt to the Bleecker Playground today in New York City, where he stayed cool by splashing in a fountain.


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