Ryder & Kate Lunch @ Grey Dog Coffee

Source : Bauer Griffin

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  1. Tiffany

    I know this her only child, but please cut his hair and stop carrying him around like he’s two.

  2. d

    she looks miserable. I think it’s hard for her to be w/o a man. Kinda goes against all that women’s lib jive she claims to believe in…

  3. anne

    Thank goodness we civilians don’t have to worry about that extra (and extra-special ~ ) layer of child-rearing: i.e., how to deal with camera-wielding individuals every time we leave the house. Forget the carefree public anonymity our kids have with us … Well, I guess Ryder just wasn’t the coping little public man on this particular day, was he, Tiffany? 😉

  4. allie

    i love his hair. i don’t see why every1 is saying he looks like a girl but i do feel but for him ‘cuz i read somewhere that he wanted to cut his hair to look like lance and now kate and lance are over 🙁
    anyways ryders such a cutie!!!! 😉

  5. Rhi

    Ugh, why doesn’t she cut his hair! I can’t stand little boys with long hair!!!

  6. Janie

    Ryder looks terrible with that long greasy hair. Please cut it! Kate looks miserable! She cannot be without a man for one day!

  7. Carolina

    She does look miserable but I absolutely love her dress, though 🙂
    Also I’m not too crazy about the kid`s hair too…

  8. artemis

    I think he doesn’t cut his hair because it looks like his dad’s that way. Why does everyone have to look alike? Leave the kid alone.

  9. anonymous

    It’s obvious some of you girls have no idea what it’s like to be stalked by the paps. If you were to turn the camera to look from her viewpoint, you would see 25 photographers (sometimes more) swarming around her like bees on honey. It’s really hard to smile and carry on as usual when that is going on, particularly when you are with a child. You would feel differently if you could see an overhead shot of what is actually going on in that sidewalk scene.

    P.S. Would people stop commenting on the kid’s hair? It’s getting boring! Just let it go!

  10. Keri

    I do agree, I love her dress too. I did read somewhere she is not cutting his hair due to their religion (jewish, or something) so i believe that is the reason!

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