Nicole Kidman Is Back To Work

Just three weeks after giving birth to Sunday Rose, actress Nicole Kidman, 41, is returning to work on the set of “Australia” to shoot scenes with co-star Hugh Jackman. The film, set during WWII, is directed by “Moulin Rouge” mastermind Baz Luhrmann.

Sunday Rose is Nicole’s third child – she has daughter, Bella and son, Connor, with ex-husband, Tom Cruise. Nicole who barley gained weight while pregnant – reportedly got back into shape quickly with yoga.

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  • J.A.

    Sort of makes me sad to hear that she’s back at work 3 weeks later. Women and men have fought for maternity/paternity leave, and here a millionaire who doesn’t need to work goes back so soon? The body does need time to heal, even if she has lost the weight. I love Nicole and all, but I don’t like the message it sends.

  • Greengaia

    This just adds fuel to the rumors of her not actually being pregnant. She didn’t even have that exhausted new mother look that most of us rock. My daughter is 10 days old and I still look like I just had a couple hours of sleep. She looks like she has a good nights sleep everyday!

  • Anonymous

    she has sunglass how can you see that she didn’t look tired?

  • Pencils

    She might not be that tired. If they have help like a baby nurse, which they probably do, I bet Nicole gets a full night’s sleep. And she did look pregnant, although I don’t necessarily think she looked healthy. She was too skinny and may end up with lasting physical problems from the pregnancy, such as eventual osteoporosis because the baby stripped the calcium from her bones.

    Or…maybe it’s just natural for her, that she’s naturally a very slim person and she ate plenty while pregnant. Who knows? We won’t–unless she writes a tell-all book later in life!

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