David Receives Teen Choice Award & Thinks Pink!

Asked by Ok! about expanding the family, he said,

“Why not? Victoria wants a big family, I know she would love a little girl.”

The couple already revealed their desire in the past, but David added,

“We’re enjoying our three boys at the moment.”

Source : Ok !

Photo : Hola

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  1. Anonymous

    did he realy need to take the children on tv? And all of you who judge the jolie pitt how do you call this?! Not pimping his children i suppose………………………………………………

  2. V

    it’s the kids choice awards moron. Why wouldn’t he take his kids to a show for kids? it would have seemed mean and selfish NOT to take them to the show with him.

  3. Anonymous

    you mean on the podium!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Anonymous

    i dont see how he is “pimping his children” by taking them on stage to receive a reward…plus, like V said…this award show is FOR KIDS!

  5. j

    the “anonymous” comment above was from me…

    besides, it’s not like he’s getting $ for taking his kids on stage…and might i add, a lot of celebrities bring their kids on stage when they receive awards…like will smith, for example

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