Miley Cyrus Offers To Baby Sit For Pete & Ashlee

Miley Cyrus was a bit star struck when she met Ashlee Simpson-Wentz during a taping of F’N MTV on Friday. She told Ashlee’s husband and show creator Pete Wentz,

“I just met your beautiful wife backstage, I worship her,” Cyrus went on. “I’ll baby sit!”

Maybe they’ll take Miley up on it, but I doubt she’ll have time. The 15-year-old teen sensation just hosted the Teen Choice Awards, where she came home with three awards for choice female musical artist, choice actress and her hit TV show Hannah Montana.

Source: Us Magazine

Photo: Frank Micelotta/Getty Images

Thanks Christina!

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  • jane doe

    miley is beyond insufferable… i wish her to go away and never ever show her annoying mug again! all those stupid pics that continue to get “leaked” of her in undies, a bathing suit, in the shower etc.. get a clue little girl

  • Anonymous

    I love to see talented young girls but i’m always afraid that they will turn into the next lohan or brit. It’s difficult to maintain a career when you start so young. I hope her parents will supervise to her and hold her away from the negative aspect of mediatization.

  • jay

    You know, I really wasn’t a big Miley fan until that whole parody video.

    Selena and that other chick – weren’t they making fun of Miley’s gap? Miley had every right to make that video back.

    She might not be a bad baby sitter. It’s nice how she admires someone like Ashlee, and not Lindsay Lohan.

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