Rebecca Romijn Is Craving Ice Cream!

Having just announced that they are expecting twins, Jerry O’Connell talked to Access Hollywood about Rebecca’s cravings at the Teen Choice Awards yesterday.

“A lot of ice cream! And not any one particular brand … a lot of the different ones at Ben and Jerry’s, but also other crazy brands”.

Jerry then spoke about Man’s “role” in pregnancy.

“That’s all you can really do as the man … go out and get food,” O’Connell added. “I’m not really carrying anything, I’m not really putting on any extra weight, I’m just sorta trying to help out as much as possible.”

He also expressed that the pregnancy has been very exciting and that twins run on his side of the family.

“My father’s side, there [are] actually two sets of twins over there, back in the motherland of Ireland,” he said. “[Having children] is something we really worked hard at, and it’s just happened. We’re blessed.”

Source: Access Hollywood via Us Magazine

Thanks Christina!

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  • skye

    sure, twins… not to sound cynical, but i am sure its just happened, right after she started taking fertility drugs. i am pretty sure if they come out fraternal twins then more than likely its not heredity from someone on his fathers side in ireland… it would have to be heredity on her side, not his to make her predisposed to releasing more than one egg during ovulation.

  • Tracy

    I think many of these stars are taking hormone pills to increase their ovulation. They’re getting up there in age, and while I’m sure that maybe one of them was a natural occurance, I find it hard to believe that they all were. I know your chances go up with age, but come one, all of these women are having twins naturally. I don’t buy it.

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