Update: Meet Knox Leon & Vivienne Marcheline Jolie-Pitt!

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Here are some excerpts from the interview with Hello! magazine.

On breast feeding the twins:

A: They are on the same schedule. They eat every three hours and I’m getting better at holding them both for breast-feeding at the same time, so that helps. Usually the other kids come in and hold them when they finish. They help with the baths and the changing.

B: We try to get them to eat simultaneously for the sake of management, but it gets a little crowded at the bar!

On finding out you were having twins:

A: We were in shock and could not stop laughing.

B: We bust into hysterics. My sister had made a joke about twins literally the night before, because my grandparents and sis both had twins. Angie was on the table during the sonogram, and we were in hysterics.

We didn’t see this one coming.

On choosing the names Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline:

B: The name Vivienne came to us early, as if she named herself. She has always been Viv. And Marcheline is to honour Angie’s late mother. Knox is a family name – my grandfather’s – and Leon is a classic French name.

On their personalities:

B: I dare to say that Viv is proving to resemble Angie in spirit, attitude and physicality. She is quite elegant like her mother. And Knox, he’s a bit of me. He likes music like his dad. When he was born he looked like Putin!

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On Maddox as a big brother:

B: This is Mad’s fourth and fifth time at becoming an older bro. He’s asking us when we can have more!

On Shiloh as a big sister:

A: Shiloh calls them her babies. She and Zahara pick out their clothes, help change and hold them. It’s sweet, they are like little mommies.

On bedrest for Angelina:

A: Brad and the kids came a few nights each week and spent the night. So we never went too long without seeing eachother. I also watched The War by Kevin Burns. I figured it would be the only chance I had to watch a 15-hour documentary!

On food cravings:

A: My only craving was cheese and milk. Still is.

On her post c-section recovery:

A: The first few days were a little difficult but we had a great team of doctors and they helped me feel better quickly.

B: She’s over-achieving.

On using fertility drugs or IVF to become pregnant:

A: “We were in shock [when we heard about the rumors] and could not stop laughing ‘If they had been conceived through IVF we would have been happy to discuss it.’ “But we have been fortunate never to have had fertility problems.”

**See Hello! Scans Here**

So here’s the very first picture of the Jolie-Pitt twins, Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline, born on July 12 in Nice, France. People magazine won this exclusive photoshoot jointly with Hello! for $14 million. All of the money will go to a foundation created by Pitt and Jolie that focuses on helping children around the world.

Look, they have Angie’s lips too!! 🙂 Cute!

Angelina told PEOPLE what a typical day is like for them since the birth of the twins,

“It is chaos, but we are managing it and having a wonderful time. “[Shiloh] and Z pick out [the twins’] clothes and help change and hold them,” says Jolie. “It’s sweet – they are little mommies.”

Brad added: “[It’s] still a cuckoo’s nest.”

Source : People / Hello

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  • allie

    O MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!! i’ve been waiting the one on the left looks more like angelina. they are way 2 cute

  • Anonymous

    big nose for a baby, and thank you God it look like the boy didn’t take mom lips, but they are baby so they are cute, God blesses all the children.

  • Jen

    omgosh they are so cute! i can’t wait till this hits newsstands tomorrow. They look so much like shiloh when she was a baby.

  • Julie

    @ allie : I agree, Vivienne totally looks like her Mom ! And she definitely has the same lips as Angie and Shiloh! Cute! 😀

    @ Anon : I think Knox has big lips too! We’ll see more with the 19-page family album…

  • kndr422

    I’m really interested in seeing how Knox comes to look like when he’s older. Hopefully not too much like his mom.

  • Bev

    soooo cute.

  • Abby

    They are adorable.

  • Francesca

    Love them!! ALL of them…by the way, is that a wedding ring on Brad’s finger? European tradition is usually right hand…hmmm.

  • Kate

    lol i think most people are forgetting that brad doesnt exaclty have small lips himself. The babies are destined for big puckers

  • Julie

    @ Francesca : They’re not married yet, so maybe he just prefers to wear it on the right hand… don’t know…

    @ Kate : You’re right, but they’re still small compared to Angelina’s 😉 She’s famous for her big lips, so I guess it’s normal that people always compare to her lips, not Brad’s.

  • Rosy J

    Can wait for my copy. Angie looks good as usual.

  • Anonymous

    Appears the 14 million at least bought them a stylist for this shoot. This beautiful blouse is so much better than Angelina’s nursing bra and tattoos peeking out when they shot them with baby Shiloh…

  • jay

    I think if Knox looks like his mom when he grows up, he’ll probably look A LOT like Angelina’s brother. Just a thought 🙂 but they look adorable. Can’t wait to see more pictures, especially with the other kids with the new babies!

  • Anonymous


  • lucia

    More pics of them please!!

  • Anonymous

    Most of you must be White (no offense) and obsessed with their FULL not big lips, as if it’s such a bad thing. They are beautiful babies and they have parents that are going to adore them and siblings to go crazy with. I love it!

  • disgusted





  • JET

    The twins are so precious…so little! They look as if they were born at around full term, though. Did the press ever release their birth weights?

  • Natalie

    @ Disgusted – GET A GRIP!! If they didn’t sell pictures of their children (the money of which they are donating) then it actually puts their children in more danger as the stupid ass paps will do anything to get ‘that picture’!

    In regards to the privacy isses, the point is that they shouldn’t have pictures taken of them when it is quite clearly private time. Public event are at the photo ops set up fro the actor/actress to attend and so allow pictures of them to be taken. ‘Stealing’ photos of them is the problem.

    If you are at a party and stand with a group of friends smiling at a camera…that is your choice for a photo to be taken of you. If you are sunbathing in your back yard and your neighbour takes a quick snap its an invasion of privacy!!…Gees!

  • Keira

    #17 is totally wrong. The paps and the trash tabloid they sell them to would get the money if Brad and Angelina didn’t sell the first pics. A lot of poor and starving children will be helped by this considerable contribution to their charity. Remember, these babies will be photographed incessantly now anyway for years to come – may as well get something out of it to help others while they can.

  • Audrey

    #17 Disgusted. Quit yelling by taking your finger off of the caps key. What kind of person would wish for young children to be hounded? You must be a serious Anniston fan.

  • Jenna

    I’m sorry, these babies look like babies… Nothing special about them. And these 2 are the worst liars in the world. Are you seriously all believing these test tube babies were conceived naturally? Take a look back at how Angie looked BEFORE getting pregnant. She was about 70 pounds, full of veins and nothing but bones. And you want to tell me, she could have had them natually without any help? To hell with these 2 hypocrites. Look all around Holly-weird fools… Look at trend… JLo, Marcia Cross, Garcelle Beauvsis-Nilon, Nancy Grace, Julia Roberts, Marica Gay Harden, Geena Davis and it was JUST confirmed that Lisa Marie Presley is also having twins. And most of these twins are freaking fraternal ones…. The chances of that happening naturally are slim to none…. HYPOCRITES
    I agree their kids are ALL beautiful and they have great hearts with all they do and I wish them all the best happiness and health in the world, but all this attention for babies the world would eventually see and babies that look like every other single newborn in the world, is just crazy. There’s a war going on in the world… Election to pick our new leader. And people are paying money they should be using to better the economy or to getting gas, on this useless article full of lies and hypocritcy… If you want privacy you two, then just shut the hell up already.
    How nice that they’re creating their own foundation where they’re going to donate the money, tax-free, and be in control of how it’s used to “help children around the world”… If anyone believes that, then you’re just as stupid and foolish as these 2 hypocrites

  • glda

    response to #22- to address your argument that she must have gotten preggo due to ivf b/c of her weight: look at nicole richie- she was skin and bones and got pregnant. being skinny does not mean that you do not ovulate.
    to address your argument that all the celebrities in hollywood are using ivf to get pregnant: look at the ages of many of the women you posted…jlo, garcelle, julia roberts, lisa marie- all of these women were 35 and up when they conceived. the chances of conceiving multiples increases as you approach 40, since your body is trying to expel eggs.

  • V

    throwing the word Hypocrite around is just silly. No one but them knows how those babies were conceived and it’s none of anyones business. get over yourself!

  • Jenna

    I am by no means at all knocking IVF or sayin there’s anything wrong with it at all. The important thing is the health of the mother and the babies. I think Angie Jolie is a kind hearted woman and nothing she’s doing with her kids are for publicity at all. She went out the US for privacy and by no means do I think either of them are doing anything wrong. But being in the public eye, alot of women look up to her. And if she conceived thru IVF, she’s giving alot of hope to women who aren’t able to conceive. She said it in her Vanity Fair article that she’s not ovulating regularly so the chances of her conceiving aren’t that good.
    I agree Nicole Richie was a bag of bones when she got pregnant, but Nicole Richie is a whole lot younger than Angie and Nicole only gave birth to one baby, not twins.
    And thanks V… I was never under myself so there’s no need for me to over myself… Thanks though

  • Hannah

    The babies are beautiful and everything, but I can’t help but be disheartened by all the attention they’re getting. I do agree with Jenna about the fact that there’s a war, a failing economy to worry about and an impending election going on and all people seem to care about are these two babies. People know more about “Knox and Vivienne” and the rest of the kids than they do about the candidates running for President. They’re just babies. They’re born everyday, it’s nothing new. $14 million for a picture of 3 week old babies who look like every other baby?? It just speaks volumes about the priorities of America. Very sad.

    Anyway, about the IVF, who cares? Whether they did, or didn’t, it’s nobody’s business. The babies are here, and healthy so that’s all that matters. I wish everyone the best, lord knows they need it because six kids is alot to handle even if they have nannies!

  • A. N. Onymous.

    People care about these babies cause it’s something new. For now. But when it comes to elections or wars, Knox and Vivienne are bound to be #2.
    It’s just enthusiasm to see ’em for the first time. It’s nothing life altering.
    I’m quite lost how calling babies cute and being interested which parent they look more like, is comparable to wars or Obama vs. McCain campaign…

  • Queen of The LaLa Land

    Such cute babies (: And the whole family looks so happy!
    Vivienne looks just like Shiloh (when she was first photographed in People magazine) and I see a bit more “Brad” in Knox.

  • Audrey

    IF they say no IVF was used then I believe them, just as anyone here would want me to believe their answers. And since I don’t live in their world or the world of any of the bloggers here, I won’t pretend that I know everyone’s intent, except that that they choose to profess to us. Also I don’t believe people here are stupid and foolish, although some appear to be excessively angry (why?) and bitter.

  • V

    Jenna – smart retort, did you think of that all on your own? i’m sure you have heard the expression before. get over yourself = you think you’re hot $hit in a martini glass but in reality you’re just cold diarrhea in a dixie cup.

  • lover

    every1 should get this magazine it is THE BEST. pax and maddox look so diffrent! they look so grown up and it has the cutest pic of shiloh!!!!!! and maddox has a blue mohawk!!!!!

  • Jen

    I don’t understand the big ordeal here…..if they used IVF, then why not say they did? Why lie? So that leads me to believe that they didn’t. There’s nothing wrong with IVF, in fact, I’m even humoring the idea and I’m not even 30. I had a tubal ligation and am now regretting it lol Simple as that.

    Also, if Ang wasn’t ovulating regularly, perhaps her body snapped out of it and more eggs were released? It’s a possibility. I just don’t see them lying about something so trivial. Bottom line is that they were blessed with two healthy, beautiful babies and there were little complications. Like this couple or not, everyone should be happy about that at least.

  • G

    I think that some of the celebrities who have twins have talked about fertility problems. If I remember correctly at least Julia Roberts and Marcia Cross have. I tend to believe that some of celebs have used Clomid and some might even have resorted to IVF, but the last one is difficult and uncomfortable procedure. And hormons that are involved also increases chances of ovarian cancer.

    In Angies case I don’t think they used it. Partly because risks involved and partly because she has increased chanse of getting twins naturaly.
    Her age and the fact that twins runs in her family (with fraternal twins, twins in fathers side doesn’t matter)
    And sometimes not ovulating regularly means also ovulating two or more eggs at time. Even if your body’s hormonal balance is messed up it doesn’t mean that you go to complete infertility.

    If they used it, they used it, and only thing bad in thet is that they say they didn’t.

    Babies are cute and lookes like their parents and Shi. Congrats to all Jolie-Pitts

  • Nicole

    There is a higher change of having twins the older you get, and the changes really go up right after you stop using birth control, because your body is adjusting to having cycles again.

    Janice Min, who runs Us Weekly, was just angry she didn’t get the exclusives. She always does that – take a look at US Weekly covers after a new addition to the family and it’s some horrible bull story. She’s just a bitter woman.

  • Hihi

    “Viv is proving to resemble Angie in spirit, attitude and physicality. She is quite elegant like her mother. And Knox, he’s a bit of me. He likes music like his dad.” Dear brad, i think that is little bit too early to speak about spirit, attitude of three week old baby. Give me a break. By the way , you do not look as a very intelligent person….just popular and being lucky in life.

  • Anna

    Get a grip #17! Geesh!

  • Anna

    For some reason I’m really happy for both Angelina and Brad mainly because they are very beautiful people. They are very generous to helping children of the world and have complete love for their own children.

    Very cute twins btw.

    My son was born this March, maybe in the later years he’s got a shot at dating the daughter. heh A mother can dream can’t she? lol

  • Laur.

    For all of those of you who have slated her and said she has had IVF and moaned on and on about why these kids are so important then why are you on here in the first place. I doubt the sole reason you came on was to complain and make yourself look like a complete idiot in the process. So if you really aren’t bothered about her and are more bothered about Barack Obama and Iraq, well then leave the people who are alone and go and leave your useless comments on a political website instead.

  • Regina

    Some of the people here are insane. Jolie never said she wasn’t ovulating properly. LMAO. Oh. My. God. Some of you are nuts. She never, ever said that. She said in 2007 that having Shiloh and dealing with her mother’s illness and death her nutrition got off track. Good Lord. And seriously, she obviously got pregnant when Shiloh was around 18 mos old which is exactly how long a MD will have you wait if you’ve had a c-section. There’s no reason whatsoever for this woman to have IVF. She had no problem getting pregnant before. IVF is a last ditch effort. Use your brains. Good Lord

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