Camila & Levi Shop In Venice

Source : Flynet

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  1. gia

    bowling shoes! ha…i initially thought the baby was just another sack she was carrying. she runs errands, he surfs…sounds fair. whatever works for them i guess.

  2. SASHA

    i think she looks tired bc we are used to seeing her with sunglasses on. Well in the article they both said that they have their own lives. Which i think is good bc you can keep your individuality and come together as new people. Their relationship will last forever i garauntee that.

  3. kalihah

    i think it sounds a little funny that he’s often out engaging in his favorite past times….

    i would think that would get a little old for any new mom after a while. but then again, maybe not when you are talking about the rich and famous…

    i don’t think we should hold the “shoes” against her. she always looks fabulous. everybody is entitled to a day….

  4. Olivia

    Sasha i agree. that’s the best solution in relationship.
    i like she run errands and take her little one with her.

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