Helena Bonham Carter Reveals Daughter’s Name

Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton welcomed their daughter eight months ago, but never revealed her name. Rumors circulated on the internet that her name was Indiana Rose – which Helena said,

“Apparently on the internet she’s called Indiana Rose! [laughs] I don’t know where it’s come from but it can be that till she’s been named properly [laughs].

In a recent interview with The Jewish Journal, she said they named their 8-month-old daughter, Nell, after “all the Helens in the family.”

Helena plans to introduce both Nell and her brother, Billy Ray, 4, to their heritage.

“I feel quite atavistic in the sense that I want them to know where they come from”

Source: Jewish Journal

Photo: Pacific Coast News May 2008

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  • Jen

    Now isn’t she just gorgeous ^^ I just love babies when they are so rolly polly!! Too cute!

  • Peta

    How on earth did ‘Indiana Rose’ come about? It’s so far removed from ‘Nell’. XD Rumours like this always crack me up.

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