Jenny McCarthy Reacts To Negative Comments On Autism

Jenny McCarthy recently spoke out against radio shock jock Michael Savage’s ugly attack on autism. Jenny’s son, Evan, is autistic and the actress was deeply infuriated by Savage’s outspoken words. Savage boldly stated that children with autism simply need to be disciplined by their caregivers,

“I’ll tell you what autism is — it’s a brat that hasn’t been told to cut the act out,” Savage stated two weeks ago.

When asked for her initial reaction, Jenny said that she needed to take some time to collect her thoughts,

“You know, I immediately get the news the second anything happens. I read it and had to sit down and kind of breathe a little bit. The media drove me crazy that day wanting comments and I didn’t want to give any more attention to that jerk.”

Jenny went on to say that she chose not to comment on Savage’s comments to allow his words to speak for themselves,

“It’s really about showboating ignorance really. I kind of took the high road and kept talking about healing, prevention.” Jenny added, “And if he would like, [he can] join me in the ring sometime on the WWE, I’ll show you what I really think.”

When asked if Jenny would like to see Savage terminated from his job, she replied,

“I think a great way for an apology is to be sat down and educated about it. I’d love to just quietly [sit down with him and] educate him on the facts. It was clear he doesn’t know anything about autism.”

Source: Access Hollywood

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I’m right there with her… 6 year old son has autism. That man is an ignorant jerk! I wonder how he’d feel if he had a child like ours. He’d be singing a whole different tune.