Tori Spelling: “We Have Loved Going Green!”

Mom of two, Tori Spelling, took time out from her busy schedule and talked to Tasty Baby about going green, getting back into shape, everyday challenges and more. Here’s some highlights from the interview:

On her second pregnancy with Stella Doreen (born June 9): “Actually the 2nd pregnancy was a little harder on me physically. Mainly because I’m a workaholic and didn’t take a day off. I worked till 2 days before I gave birth. And, also because I have a 15 month old who just learned to walk. Chasing him around has been a lot. But, other than that I enjoyed being pregnant. It again was an amazing experience.”

On going green with Liam: “When we had babies we tried really hard to do the research on environmentally friendly products and switch over for their health. We have loved Going Green! And, whenever possible we make sure Liam eats organic. Its important to us.”

On more children in the future: “Creating life and family with your soulmate is an amazing experience and the ultimate fulfillment. We are blessed with 2 healthy beautiful babies. If its in the cards, we would love to have more. The family we’ve created is everything to us!”

To find out Tori’s advice for getting back into shape after giving birth, click on over Tasty Baby

Source: Tasty Baby

Photo: OK!

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  1. What is her job? Going outside the house to be photographed by paparazzi? Or being filmed shopping and whatever for her reality show?

  2. Tracy

    I HATE when people say ‘soulmate’!!!

  3. Peta

    I agree with Tracy. I hate the term too, especially when it’s used by some celebrities who change partners like most folks change their underwear.

  4. Keira

    Well I’m happy for them. Tori has to work since her father left most of his fortune to Tori’s mother. She has several different irons in the fire and does work hard. If you read her book, you wouldn’t be making such nasty comments about someone you don’t even know.

  5. Tracy

    Works hard at what, saying cheese and pimping out her kids? Get real-it’s not like she’s a coal miner. People are out there busting their butts to put food on the table and since she was disinherited, she now actually has to try and make her own money. I’m sorry, but give me a break. I wouldn’t pay a dime for anything she’s ‘selling’.
    I bet she wishes she had the million bucks wasted on her first wedding to that poor sap she dumped after 3 minutes.

  6. Beth

    HAHAHA – Hooray Tracy……. !!

  7. Anna

    I like her a LOT more now than befor, thats for sure. Her reality show has done some good for her, because people got to see her sweet and nice personality, and I think its all genuine.
    And her children are beautiful. I hope her all the best in life, she derserves it.

  8. Rosy J

    That pic with Liam trying to get in on the action is priceless. He looks so adorable there.

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