Jamie Lynn & Baby Maddie Spotted Out & About

Jamie Lynn Spears was spotted on Wednesday with newborn daughter, Maddie Briann Aldridge, at a medical center in her hometown. Jamie Lynn, looking quite svelte just 6 weeks after giving birth, took little Maddie to Walmart after the medical check-up and stopped for lunch at the Spears family fast food fav Nyla Burger Basket.

Photos: Pacific Coast News

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  1. Anonymous

    All of us middle-aged women who have recently had babies are officially excused to go and throw up now! 🙂

    Of course she looks svelte…she may have had a baby, but she is still 17 years old!

  2. Well said, Anon…….well said! 😉

  3. B

    I like the fact that she is using a Graco brand stroller and shopping at Walmart.

    I feel a little guilty looking at the pictures which were obviously taken by a paparazzi harassing them when they’re just trying to live a normal life in Obscurity, MS. Like somehow I am contributing to the invasion of their privacy.

  4. Angela

    She looks good. I wish the paps would leave her alone. She has chosen to have a normal life by living in, Liberty MS, isn’t it? I’m not from America, I would love to visit the South. Seems so laid back. I was in Los Angeles and it was crazy!

  5. Anonymous

    I hope she will be a good mother for Maddie, i wish them all the best.

  6. Jade

    GRRR i am so sick of people whining about how she’s 17 of course she’s gonna bounce right back no it’s not because she’s only 17 i was 17 when i had my first and he was a big baby 10lb and my body was ruined after having him then my second baby at 18 was 10lb 7oz so my body never really had a chance in hell to bounce back from anything i am only 22 now and i absolutly love my kids
    but just because someone is young doesn’t mean their body is just gonna bounce back into shape

  7. She is doing really great! Congrats to Jamie Lynn!
    She is looking great again! And lil Maddie is a cutie!

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