Katie & Suri Take Manhattan

Katie Holmes and her two-year-old daughter Suri were spotted at a Manhattan playground yesterday. Katie, who is preparing for her big Broadway role in “All My Sons,” talked on her phone while pushing Suri on the swing.

Holmes, 29, sported a new shorter hairdo and was wearing rolled-up button-fly jeans.

Photos: Splash

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  1. darcy

    those jeans are heinous and ridiculous.. but i am sure they will become the new craze in a few weeks time.. god help us!

  2. Bluezy

    You’ve GOT to be kidding me. She STILL has the bottle???

  3. Rinoa

    Katie’s looks have totally gone down hill. Why does she keep cutting her hair shorter?

  4. Hannah

    haha I used to wear those jeans when I was in high school, which was back in the early 90’s when they were “cool”. Good Lord I hope this trend doesn’t make a comeback. Leggings coming back were bad enough!

    Suri is gorgeous!

  5. She’s been photographed wearing her pants rolled up like that constantly – I don’t get it and I don’t care if it’s the next big trend – I refuse to wear my pants like that again!

  6. V

    get the super nanny in there already! get that bottle out of her face.

  7. anne

    #2 & 6: I’m so with you! I guess Scientologist dentists just go through a different kind of training? Not to mention their pediatricians: whatever Scientology-approved diet poor Suri is on, oh my … that is one thin and pasty child, bless her. I’m wondering, too, if Katie put that blankie in a burn bag: OMG it touched NYC pavement!!!

  8. Anonymous

    Oh please stop with this story, i live in Europe and here children drink milk from the bottle until 6 and and they haven’t dentition problem. Stop with this “poor Suri” every mom knows what is better for her child. And we have never seen a teenager wearing diaper and drinking from the bottle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Kate

    Thin and light skinned doesnt mean shes unhealthy. My daughter is tall and skinny, and eats like a horse, and is true to her irish background. Dont automatically assume theres something wrong with the poor kid becuase shes thin and light skinned.

    Im not a fan of the bottle thing still, but i dont much care as she isnt my kid.

  10. Peta

    I know they have the right to spend their money any way they way, but I wonder why they rarely dress Suri in play-friendly clothes?

  11. jaden

    I’m with you guys and those terriable jeans. She looks like she’s wearing Tom’s very old clothing. Unfortunately I have seen this new pant fit in Instyle and on the runways for the fall. Her hair cut continues to make her look older the more she seems to have it cut. Suri is gorgious as always and I LOVE the way the dress her. But it’s always three sizes to big. She’s too old for the bottle but some times little ones attatch to those things when there life is unstable. Just a theory!

  12. Tracy

    As for those jeans, I feel that if I lived thru the trend once (which I did), that is enough for me. Especially for something as stupid as ‘pegging’ your jeans. It’s not flattering on anyone.

  13. Janie

    Sure is adorable. Suri always seems so sad lately. Katie also looks very unhappy.

  14. Anonymous

    She is a baby so i will say that she’s cute, but she sure isn’t beautiful as people use to say. beatiful are her clothes.

  15. J

    I live in Europe too, and over here kids definitely don’t use a bottle until they are almost ready for highschool. Sjeesj. Sippy cup anyone?
    Kids around here get weaned off the sippy cup by the time they reach Suri’s age.

  16. I don’t care how “cool” it becomes, I will never never never wear my jeans like that again. Never. 🙂

    As for the bottle… It doesn’t really bother me since she’s not my daughter, but I do think the longer you wait the harder it becomes.

    Suri’s a cutie pie, love her little shoes.

  17. Ann

    i remember rollin my sweat pants up but not my jeans and it is back in style….btw Suri is a doll…

  18. Rinoa

    It’s not just that her jeans are rolled up but it’s the fact that they are ugly, baggy jeans, that makes her outfit so terrible. If they were tighter jeans, it would look a little better.

  19. Suri is only 2 yrs old. I think if she were 3 almost 4-then the bottle thing would be a problem. Maybe she’s having a problem getting her off the bottle and has to do it slowly. One never knows..and it’s wrong to assume these things. Every child is different. Not sure why Katie has been wearing the jeans rolled up…the jeans look very big on her as well.

  20. ivy

    i’d like to say i wont wear my jeans like that…i hate 80’s style….but i dont want to end up one of those middle aged ladies who is always 20 years behind the times. maybe ill wear something in-between.

  21. Anonymous

    AOL reports Katie looks preggers…referring to these same pics. It might at least explain her sudden obsession with baggy clothes and layers….

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