Sigourney Weaver On Becoming A Mother Later In Life

Sigourney Weaver recently opened up about having her daughter, Charlotte (now 18), when she was 40-years-old. The actress recently starred in the big screen comedy, Baby Mama, alongside Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, playing the owner of a surrogacy agency. Tina Fey plays a businesswoman whose biological clock is feverishly ticking, a feeling in which Weaver is not unfamiliar.

On having her daughter later in life: ‘I didn’t have my own daughter, Charlotte, until I was 40 and, yes, it’s fair to say I was becoming more and more desperate to have a child. Definitely. We all have doctors telling us, “Oh, you can have a child until you are 45,” but it isn’t as easy as that. We took a long time to conceive Charlotte. She was a much-wanted baby. We sort of loved her into existence. I’ve had a lot of friends go though fertility treatment. And if I hadn’t had Charlotte I would probably have gone down that road.”

On going through the empty-nest syndrome as Charlotte goes off to college this fall: “I’m determined not to be one of those mawkish, soppy mothers so I’m determined to be very busy. Plus it’s kind of exciting watching her go out there into the world.”

On her husband, Jim Simpson, who took over childcare whenever she was filming abroad: “He’s always been comfortable with the fact that I’m the higher earner, that I have a higher profile,” she says matter-of-factly. “We’re just glad that someone can make a living. He’s a wonderful, enchanting man. I’m proud to be his wife.”

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Source: Telegraph

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