Celeb Baby Gear: Get the Look!

  • Graco Metrolite Travel System in Cherry Blossom – $239.99
  • Wendy Bellissimo Black and White Security Blanket – $9.99
  • Trumpette Mary Jane Socks in Pastel – $21.97 for 6 pack
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    • Nan

      Sad and disgusting that this website would use a teenager NOT
      a celebrity to push products!
      Those who admire her as a “celebrity” are under the age of 18.
      I doubt that any grown woman needs to know that Teenage Spears
      uses the baby gear in order to make their own educated purchase.

    • Jaimie

      Jamie Lynn is CLEARLY a celebrity, no matter what age you are.
      What if she was older? Would you then decide to take advice from her on your baby purchases?
      She probably had help from many that are older than her and probably did a lot of research on the internet about these products.
      All the products listed are quality products, so why do we assume her purchases were uneducated?

      Nonetheless, the article was not to say GET THESE THINGS- it’s a celebrity gossip website- the point was to show what she has & say HEY THIS STUFF IS CUTE!

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