Katie & Suri’s Fun Day At The Park

Katie Holmes and her adorable 2-year-old daughter, Suri, go to a playground in New York on Thursday. Suri showed off all sorts of personality as she watched other kids on the playground and played with her mom on the slide and swings. Katie was wearing her oversized jeans with the tight rolls at the bottom again. She’s really trying hard to bring back that look. Any takers?

Photos: Flynet

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  1. ivy

    those pants make her look like she has a package……..

  2. I don’t get why she keeps wearing the same jeans “pegged” over and over again??

    Suri is adorable!

  3. Nicole

    You know who I’ve seen wearing pants like that?

    Pax Jolie-Pitt. And he totally did it better.

  4. jay

    suri looks odd here. just throwing that out there. usually she looks really really cute.

  5. Peta

    I’m probably alone here, but sometimes I wish they’d dress little Suri in something more sensible for a playground outing. Maybe it’s because I don’t have money up to my eyeballs, but that dress seem more suited for a semi-formal function rather than for everyday children’s wear.

  6. JET

    I hope those jeans make it to the wash every once in a while… Actually, it’s refreshing to see a celebrity wear the same article of clothing more than once. It makes her seem more like an ordinary person.

  7. Ciara

    Why don’t they buy that kid some clothes that fit? Everytime I see her, her clothes are like 3 sizes to big and hanging off her. They are beautiful clothes, but they make her look awkward and like she is playing dress up.

  8. Kate

    Katie no longer looks like a young woman in her 20’s… in these pictures she looks almost middle-aged… I think it’s the mixture of the haircut and the clothes.

  9. Anonymous

    I think she has on Tom’s clothes! Head to toe!

  10. Rachel

    I seriously just did a double take! I wasn’t sure if this was mom or dad accompanying Suri!

  11. Pencils

    Those aren’t Tom’s jeans, no matter what her camp says–Tom is inches shorter than she is. And I don’t care about the jeans so much, but why is she always wearing a sweater? It’s August in NYC, it’s been hot and sticky and disgusting out. I’ve been coming home from work and changing out of my jeans because they’re too hot–I cannot imagine wearing a sweater outside in this weather. And doesn’t Suri have any playclothes? She’s always beautifully turned out in dresses and majry janes, but she should at least sometimes be in sneakers and shorts so she can play. Or maybe they’re so rich they don’t care if she ruins her clothes every day!

  12. dea

    not loving the jeans (hope she got multiple pairs since it seems she has been wearing them every day). Suri looks like one of those Porcelain dolls my mom used to have..not in a cute way unfortunately

  13. This is what Katie’s rep says,

    “The couple’s stylist Jeanne Yang confirms to Usmagazine.com that they are Cruise’s Prps Jeans.

    “Prps has adapted the style for women in the new fall collection as the Boyfriend jean,” Kim Dillard, a rep for Prps Jeans, tells Us.

    The 29-year-old actress – who makes her Broadway debut next month in Arthur Miller’s All My Sons – has been rocking the style when arriving for rehearsals and playing with 2-year-old daughter Suri.

    “It’s the new look Katie is going for,” a source tells Us.

    A reason Holmes has been rolling them up? She’s 5’9″ and Cruise is 5’7″.

  14. jen

    Bizarre! Suri watched other children play and then went on to only play with mom. Socialization would do that whole family some good, let her play with other children. They obviously love their daughter, I don’t doubt that, but this is going a bit too far. Maybe Katie is depressed/missing Tom and she feels the need to smother herself in his clothes. Maybe she is pregnant and trying to pull attention else where and distract the public from her belly?

  15. Anonymous

    This baby has something cute but she also has something strange on her, i cannot understand.
    And on Katie jeans, what is the problem, i have seen people dressed worse. and for Suri remember that they have 600 million dollar to spend and she is their only daughter, so these are playground clothes for them.

  16. blahblahblah

    Please dress that little girl in some appropriate play clothing! Seriously! She looks like a porcelain doll, which is beautiful, but let her be a kid! On the other hand…Suri looks like the type of child that has to always be then center of attention and if she isn’t she will throw a fit. Look at her with her little arms crossed staring off into space. Something about that child bugs me. She is beautiful, no doubt, but something seems “off” about her somehow. As for Katie and her jeans…doesn’t she have any other clothes?

  17. fee

    I dont think I’ve ever seen a picture of Suri in anything but a dress….I’ve never seen her in pants or shorts, even when its cold she’s in a dress with stockings. She seems so much older in these pics – she seems to be losing that baby look and her hair is getting longer. But I agree that her clothes always look too big for her – but thats what happens when you let kids decide what to wear themselves like they apparently do…..

  18. anne

    (1) Ah, the pants make sense now: marketing!! (2) As for Suri’s outfits: by all accounts she calls the shots, so I guess she herself prefers the femme look. So “play” clothes to Katie must mean these simple, unadorned sack & tent styles. Still, the child always looks like she’s going to a wedding — I’m just glad she doesn’t look like the bride (or the cake ~ ) when she’s on these ‘casual’ outings. (3) No way Suri’s going to play with other kids: it might be against the law for her mom to run around disinfecting them all. (4) Love the arms-crossed Little Empress shot!

  19. Lori

    I’m curious… it’s really warm in NY and all the pictures I have seen of Katie lately, she’s wearing some kind of sweater/long sleeved shirt, why??

  20. emily

    i agree that it is not a good look. the clothes are very illfitting.

  21. Claudius

    “A reason Holmes has been rolling them up? She’s 5?9? and Cruise is 5?7?.”
    Why am I not surprised? It is all about Cruise, isn’t it? He is not with her in NY so she has taken to wearing his clothes just to be close to him, PUHLEASE!

    That is the dumbest reason for her rolling up the jeans. He is shorter than her so his jeans on her would be shorter, not longer. She rolled up the jeans in one of her outings to rehearsals this week but when she came out of where she went into, she had unrolled them and they were long legged jeans, almost covering her feet and shoes. If Cruise wore those jeans then he would have needed to roll them to the middle of his legs just so they don’t cause him to fall.

    Try again, stylist. The girl is trying to bring back a trend but no one is buying. It may have worked if she were 15 but the girl is just a few months shy of 30 although you wouldn’t know it considering that she seems to be aging about a year every day.

    BTW, the jeans is ugly.

    And yet another collection of pictures where they both look like they want to be doing other things. I thought going to the park was supposed to be fun?

  22. G

    Suri looks adorable and look : no bottle!! My child has always been shy when approaching other kids, so I really see nothing wrong with her sticking to her mom. Sometimes (especially with paparazzi around) that is the safest way to go.

  23. Anonymous

    there are some pics on popsugar web site, you can see suri smile, greet the paps, and timidly try to play with a boy, and sit down by ground with her million dollar dress.

  24. Alisa

    i think it’s interesting that most people are addressing Katie’s jeans (which… who cares… they’re jeans.) and not Suri’s dress. I love that Suri always looks adorable… but that dress is impractical for playing. It’s something you wear when you go to church on sunday. Suri should be the one in jeans and a t-shirt. I have never seen that kid in anything other than a nice dress.

  25. Amanda

    dont even get me started on how much I loathe this family,I CANNOT stand them!Seriously Suri needs to get over herself and stop being a brat and play with the other kids and Katie god let your hair GROW she and Victoria Beckham look soooo much better with LONG hair!!Katie needs to get a clue and STOP putting Suri in nice dresses when she goes to the playground!need I remind anyone about the shots of Suri in that super nice churchy dress with the Effiel Tower all over it?geez no wonder she just stands there and thinks she better than everyone else,her parents probably drill it in her head!

  26. Rosy J

    I can’t help but feel sorry for Suri. She will never know what it’s like to be a normal child. So sad.

  27. Mariela

    Does anyone know what brand is the dress that suri is wearing?

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