Ulrika Jonsson Defends Weight Gain

British television presenter Ulrika Jonsson gained 70lbs while pregnant with her fourth child Malcolm Charles Trip, now 8 1/2 weeks old. Tired of the “derogatory comments” made about her weight – she retaliated by writing a column in the Daily Mail.

While pictures of my ever-growing body have been appearing in scores of magazines, often accompanied by derogatory comments, it has been comforting to find that my husband has taken a shine to my newly-upholstered derriere.

Jonsson, 40, also talks about the “relentless pressure” on female celebrities to quickly lose weight after pregnancy, which she calls “both insidious and damaging”.

I’m sure sane women everywhere will agree when I say I felt like tearing up those pictures of Nicole Kidman and Halle Berry when they popped up with ironing-board-flat stomachs days after giving birth.

To read Ulrika’s entire column click here.

Source: Daily Mail

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  • Natalie

    Good for her. I think it ridiculous how these celebrites claim to easily lose the baby weight post pregnancy. Of course they don’t mention the personal chefs/trainers that are with them daily. Glad to hear that someone is being realistic. While some women can shed the weight quickly , for others, it may take more effort especially without the fore mentioned help available to them.

  • JET

    Amen. It’s always refreshing to find a celebrity who’s candid about pre- and post-pregnancy challenges.

    I completely agree – celebrities who exaggerate about their recovery and gush about how easy it is to care for a newborn, all for the sake of image, are hurting other women.

  • Cm

    you know, i really dont get why so many people are upset that celebs claim to lose the weight so quickly. Dont forget that most are tiny when they get pregnant. I was about 115 when i got pregnant i gained 25lbs and after the weight just came off (most right after the delivery with my son being a little over 7lbs and losing all the water weight). So its not so strange when you are thin pre-pregnancy to lose the weight so quickly. I mean more power to you if you gain a lot and are not in a rush to lose it afterwards but im sure for some its not that deep

  • dea

    You go girl! Let’s not forget these celebs have a tummy/lip combo post pregnancy which speed up their “weight loss”.

  • Amen sister!

  • anne

    Yay – some level-headedness about this stuff. A lot of it has to do with how our bodies are built to “do” pregnancy and ‘recovery’, right? I, for example, in spite of plenty of exercise & careful diet, gained almost 60 lbs – and every cell in my body from head to toe blew up like a zeppelin. And post-partum? In spite of diet, exercise, return to a very physical job, and steady nursing, I didn’t start to resemble my old self till my period returned 10 months later. Fortunate, I suppose, that “commodity” wasn’t part of my contract! : P

  • Anonymous

    i don’t know who she is, but i know i love her.

  • Claudius

    When Ulrika had Martha Sky, she lost so much weight to the point that all you saw were her bones, her ribs, sternum, clavicle, hip bones were all prominent, you could hold on to them because they were that visible, she was also almost flat-chested after losing all and I mean ALL the weight. She was so oblivious that she looked very unhealthy that she wore a bikini on magazine covers, went to morning shows to show off her post-baby body. She didn’t look good at all and got a lot of flack for her appearance in the media so I am not surprised that she is going the other route. I hope she keeps her word and takes the weight of gradually but I won’t be surprised if at the end of the month, she hit the gym. This is Ulrika we are talking about here.

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