Camila Launches Handbag Collection

Note : MUXO refers to a goddess of the water in an african legend…

Source : Bauer Griffin

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  1. gia

    i think most of the bags in her collection are quite hideous…on a very different note though, her body looks amazing here!!

  2. Anonymous

    I cannot believe she has a baby only on month ago. I don’t love the bag, but i adore her dress.

  3. Julie

    I don’t like the bags either but she sure does look fantastic! *jealous* 😉

  4. anne

    Ditto all of the above . . . The bag pictured is just awful (and/or very “McConaughey” – heh!). But getting that body back in a month is almost criminal — therapists, start your couches!

  5. SASHA

    I agree. The bags are not cute at all. But she does look nice. Very simple girl and I can see why he would like her. I dont think the bags will do to well as I cannot imagine spending a grand on something like that.

  6. Peta

    I’ve seen worse looking ‘designer’ bags find buyers, so I’m sure she won’t be starving. Certain people tend to spend an obscene amount of money on weird looking stuff, and she is in the right industry town for that. 😉

    Also, kudos to her trainer for helping her get back into shape!

  7. Olivia

    in my country we say that we never should talk about what other people like to wear. i am sure they are people who like these bags and even like the price;)

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