Clay Aiken Welcomes A Son!

Clay Aiken, 29, and his best friend, producer Jaymes Foster, welcomed a baby boy – Parker Foster Aiken Friday morning, August 8th in North Carolina. He weighed in at 6 pounds, 2 ounces and was 19 inches long.

Foster was artificially inseminated with Aiken’s sperm. The friends will both be involved with parenting their child.

Aiken wrote a message on his blog,

The little man is healthy, happy, and as loud as his daddy. Mama Jaymes is doing quite well also.

The Aiken family, the Foster family, and the Parker family are all thrilled.

We’ll share more at some point in the future. Love to you all!

Source: Clayonline/Us Magazine

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  • Nicole

    The poor kid has 3 last names for his name. Nice.

  • Jen

    I can’t imagine being raised by “friends”. Give me a break. I pity that poor innocent child.

  • Tracy

    I am utterly confused by this.

  • ch

    #1 whatever to your comment…..his 2 first names are also last names but are also common first names!!! #2 why would you pity the child…it is a newborn!! if clay happens to be in the closet, so to speak, that is the way it is!! they both wanted a child and I’m sure it will be loved plenty…I pity you for say that!

  • Nicole

    ch, did I say anything about him being gay? No, I did not. I could care less who he sleeps with, I don’t even like him.

    Those first two names do not sound good together, no matter how you lay it out.

    BTW, I have never heard “Foster” used as a first name.

  • Nicole

    oops, ch, you weren’t talking to me about him being gay, sorry. But I don’t think anyone else was, either.

  • Isabella

    Congrats to him!

    Maybe he and his friend will be more then friends in the future?

  • ch


  • V

    isabella, he’s gay. i doubt that he and his friend will ever be more than that. the baby isn’t going to magically “degay” him. lol

  • Anonymous

    Lisa, you know they are a gay couple, then why do you say “best friend” instead of boyfriend? We are in 2008 we can speak openly about these things, don’t you think?

  • Eva_baby

    QUOTE: The Aiken family, the Foster family, and the Parker family are all thrilled.

    Okay, I get who the Aikens are (Clay and his peeps) and the Fosters (Jaymes and her peeps). Who the heck are the Parkers? Does the kid have his own peeps already?

  • Nicole

    I agree he’s probably gay, but Jaymes Foster is a woman. She actually HAD the baby.

  • V

    Lisa is correct that they are not a couple. i think the fact that the womans name is Jaymes is throwing people off. and Nicole, he isn’t probably gay, he’s GAY!

  • Jen

    Yes, I pity the child because it’s father’s a weirdo and his mother is no better. Do some research on “Jaymes”. These two are a freak show. I never said the kid wouldn’t be loved, but he will grow up to be very confused about his parents.

  • Jen

    Firstly, I highly doubt that his sexuality has anything to do on what kind of parent he will be. It’s a non-issue.

    Secondly, I don’t see why it’s so horrible for these two to have a baby together. Rather two people who trust each other and are good friends than anyone else. At least there won’t be a messy divorce/break up to go through in the future. The only negative thing that I can think of in this particular situation is if she gets involved with someone. That might be a bit awkward on Clay.

  • Iz

    I’m so confussed….

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