Jessica Takes Honor To The Pediatrician

Source : Flynet

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  • Peta

    Maybe someone can answer this question for me, as I’ve seen other celebs do this: why do they cover up their children AFTER they’ve already sold their baby pictures for millions? It just seems odd that they’d be so concerned about their children’s privacy after they already let the world in.

  • Amanda

    I agree,I mean why hide them after you’ve plastered their face all over a magazine cover?bit odd if you ask me.

  • lk8

    maybe she’s not “hiding” her but keeping the sun or germs away from her? i always had my new babies covered like this (well, not as fancy, just with a blanket!) and there were certainly no paparazzi following me around! 🙂 just a thought…

  • candice

    she still has some baby weight

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