Karen Mulder & Daughter Anna In St-Tropez

For those who wonder, Anna has an hemangioma around her eye.

Source : Gala

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  • christie

    it called an hemangioma

  • Lori

    Oh, that poor baby…I hope it’s not painful to her.

  • Pencils

    They’re not usually painful or dangerous unless they interfere with an eye or other organ, or become irritated (from being in a place that rubs from clothing or a diaper.) I was born with one on my hip, but it mostly disappeared by the time I was a teen. They usually go away without treatment during childhood, although ones in obvious areas like the face are often treated for social reasons.

  • Cari

    My son had a cavernous hemangioma on his index finger. He was born with it and it grew with him. It looked like he started sucking on his finger in the womb. When it got too big and became an issue, we had it surgically removed (by a fantastic surgeon!). It tuned out to be benign (thank goodness). He’s fine now. But I know more about hemangiomas than I ever thought I would.

  • popsykl

    My nearly three year old son Monte’s birthmark on his forehead has now all but disappeared. It was huge!! but now that it has gone all on its own i have a tad of sadness and tell him that now i will lose him in the crowd!!!!

  • candice

    i was wondering what that was and i do feel bad for her

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