Lisa Marie Presley Bares Her Baby Bump…And More

We just reported that Lisa Marie Presley is expecting twins. Her camp has also just announced that the twins are fraternal and they are due in three months. Apparently, Lisa Marie’s biggest craving so far has been watermelon.

Lisa Marie is in the September issue of Marie Claire baring her baby bump in a new photo spread. According to Marie Claire, Lisa Marie said she’s exposing her pregnant belly to fire back against people who, early in her pregnancy, posted unflattering photos of her and accused her of having a large, unhealthy appetite,

“The tabloids were going so far as to alter photos. I could never figure out why they went to all that trouble to make me look fat. There are at least six other famous women pregnant right now who aren’t getting picked on. But they’re all over me. It’s like there is a campaign to demean me.”

Although Lisa Marie is pleased with the photo spread, she recently stated on her MySpace Page that she is less than happy with Marie Claire’s interpretation of their interview,

“They [the pictures] were taken by Davis Factor and 2 of them will appear in Marie Claire. Unfortunately , I can’t get behind the article that goes along with them though. I gave a 3 hour heart felt interview and what became of it was Quotes that were usually about something else entirely in the conversation, grossly simplified and taken way out of context and sprinkled randomly and erroneously throughout the 2 pages. If you want it for the photos then great but I am not behind the article at all.”

Lisa Marie has two teenage children, Riley, 19, and Benjamin, 15, with ex Danny Keough. The twins will be the first children for Presley and husband Michael Lockwood.

Sources: ET, People, Lisa Marie’s MySpace Page

Photo: People

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she is huge with twins, so what? she’s allowed to be bigger than normal & shouldnt be so defensive & paranoid.
why would EVERY magazine be out to get her by negatively enhancing her body? this photo looks to have been heavily photoshopped in her favor like all magazine pics of celebs these days.


I think they pick on her because of her dad and that’s sad .. she is so beautiful and tries to be so private. I wish her & her husband the best and she can know one person doesn’t care about the unflattering photos or doctored interviews.