Nancy O’Dell On The First Year Of Motherhood

Nancy O’Dell, co-anchor of Access Hollywood, is mom to Ashby Grace, who just turned 1 in June. Nancy recently sat down for an intereview with The Cradle and shared her most favorite and most challenging moments from her first year of motherhood.

On some of her favorite moments from the past year: “Gosh, there have been so many favorite moments – where do I start?! Watching her sleep sweetly on my husband’s chest when she was wee little. When she belly-laughed out loud for the first time… Ashby doesn’t easily go to anyone besides me and my husband, but after my Mom was diagnosed with ALS, Ashby crawled over to her immediately and put her head on my mother’s chest as if to say “I know and I love you, Grandmama.” Ashby was only 5 months old, but I know she sensed our pain, and it was one of the sweetest moments I have ever witnessed. How she idolizes her older brothers (my stepsons) and hangs right with them. She’s definitely a tomboy. How her face lights up when I walk in from work, and then her hands reach out for me. I completely melt. Nursing… it was such a bonding time, and it was our time together. Rocking her to Celine Dion’s Miracle CD. I would just cry and cry out of happiness. Oh, and perhaps a few hormones were kicking in as well.”

On some of her most challenging moments as a new mom: “The very first month when I felt like I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. Luckily, my husband has two boys from his first marriage – my fabulous stepsons – so he was the teacher. Changing Ashby’s diapers for the first month – she HATED having her diaper changed those first few weeks. Her first fever – which she didn’t get until she was one – I stayed up staring at her all night making sure she was okay, constantly checking her temperature while trying not wake her.”

On if she found pregnancy enjoyable: “Definitely enjoyable – I felt so great. Seriously, I felt better than ever… better than before I was pregnant. It was probably because I was eating so healthy and I was beyond happy!”

On going back to work: “I have to be honest… toughest thing ever! Sometimes I run from the set to get home and see her. It is like Christmas every day!”

On the greatest gift a mother can give her child: “To make your child feel so loved that he or she will know you will always be there for him or her always! Give love, love, love and when you think you are showering him or her with too much affection, love even more. There is no better feeling than to know your parent has got your back. My mother was my best friend and I hope to be that for my daughter, as well. That was certainly a great gift my mother gave me.”

Thanks Christina!

Source: The Cradle

Photo: Bauer-Griffin

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being a HUGE Celine Dion fan myself I have to say I will admit I did rush right out the day the Miracle cd/book/dvd came out and scooped it up.It is truly a touching project even if like me your not a mom.I tear up at the songs and the photo’s are just breath takingly beautiful.


Awww…so sweet!