Katie & Suri Go Bowling

Source : Flynet / Pacific Coast News

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  • Nala

    Someone should tell her that wearing teenie-shoes is not the right way to look her age again… 😉

  • Lisa

    I should know this – but where’s Tom??

  • Sue

    Isn’t time for that kid to be off the bottle, she’s always pictured sucking on it day and night.

  • fee

    OMG! ITS THE BOTTLE AGAIN!! I cant say this enough – get rid of it already!!!

  • Anonymous

    I’m more worried for all these flashes on this poor child’s face than for the bottle.

  • AC

    I am so sick of looking at these pictures of the poor kid wearing a flimsy sun dress and no socks with flats. Katie’s always dressed for an extended tundra retreat, and the poor kid freezes day and night. Put one more layer on your kid than you’re comfortable in, Katie..or is it some Scientology thing? Toughen the kids up for later life? If I ever see these two in public, I’m handing Katie money and telling her to go buy the kid a freaking sweater already.

  • Abby

    The bottle really has to go.

  • Amanda

    I agree with AC I’m sooo SICK of seeing freaking Suri,katie and Tom!Enough already!Why is Suri consantly in churchy nice dresses to go out and what two year old can freaking lift a bowling ball,please this is such a publicity stunt!!I feel sorry for Suri it looks like katie is going to drop her at any minute and she’s all leaned back breaking her back trying to hold on.

  • Anonymous

    1) this isn’t your child
    2) she’s dressed fine
    3) if it bothers you so much, then just don’t read the posts about katie/suri/tom

  • Bee

    Suri is the most pretty little girl, but she should probably be kept out of sight of the Paps. Ive seen pics lately where Suri doesnt look too happy to be around the photgraphers. And yes she is also old enough to be weaned off the bottle.

  • Jaden

    The bottle is Suri’s last and only stability in her life. I certainly want to be the one to remove her WOOBIE!

  • Cris

    Lately, it’s been only Katie and Suri here; Katie and Suri there. Where is Tom? Too busy with to hang out with his family? Katie seems really sad on all these pics…

  • dea

    Something is really off with this mommy-daughter bonding, cant put my finger on it but it seems both arent sync with each other. if I compare another celeb mother-daughter exposure like Jennifer Garner-Violet, it’s so natural..they always look happy and relaxed(even in front of the paps). I dont know if it’s the pressure from Tom/scientology teachings on how they should behave but I feel bad for these 2.

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