Dr. 90210 & Daughter Sydney @ The Ivy

Plastic Surgeon, Robert Rey, 46, from the E! reality series Dr. 90210 takes 8-year-old daughter Sydney to The Ivy in Los Angeles for a lunch date. Dr. Rey and his wife Haley also have a son Robby, 4.

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  • cecilia

    Robert is so gorgeous, seriously he is almost 50 , look how amazing he looks. McSexy.
    And Sydney is so beautiful and she looks so grown up, she is so cute. I just love Dr. 90210 its a great show.

  • Anonymous

    Are you sure he’s 50? He looks like he’s 30. what is his secret? He doesn’t have any wrinkle!!!!

  • Bluezy

    I’m sure he’s had some work done. He is around 46 or 47 years old I believe.

    I agree that he looks good…except that shirt is ridiculous. Men just shouldn’t wear low cut v-necks (or any kind of low cut shirt for that matter). His little girl is cute.

  • gia

    he has man boobs! haha…maybe its just the lighting & angle…he looks ridiculous is those clothes.

  • Rinoa

    He looks like he’s a full “A” cup in that shirt!

    But I agree that he does look younger than he truly is!

  • Ann

    their outfits practically match…too cute!

  • Natalie

    Even with surgery, you can tell he isn’t 30 from those eyes. Those pec implants are far too big…they look like boobs. They don’t look good under that shirt either…Oops!

  • LANY

    I don’t like men with boobs. He is weird.

  • Janie

    He looks like a woman in that outfit – YUCK! Nice boobs!

  • Anonymous


  • Peta

    I hate those types of shirts on men. It honestly looks as if he borrowed one of his wife’s tops. Or Sydney’s.

  • Beth

    We know he loves breasts but did he really have to get some for his own enjoyment 24/7. It looks like he is transitioning for transexual surgery.

  • isav

    Every one who have commented about his man”BOOBS”.. Get over it! Jeeeeezzz

  • ananymous

    His shirt is inappropriate and so is that dress for such a young girl…what’s next for her?! implants?! what a nightmare!

  • anonymous

    Is the little girl wearing her mother’s shoes…waaaay too grown up.

  • dea

    I am speechless..the whole package seems to be a bit too vain for a hetero/metrosexual man, dont you think?

  • mwame

    Ugh. What’s with the plunging v-neck t-shirt, MOOBS and skinny jeans? I can barely stand to look at him. If he were my husband I would be sooooo embarrassed to be seen with him dressed like that. Way too feminine looking for my taste.

  • niki

    He looks like a fabulous gay man, which is what he is. Have you ever seen that show? There is no WAY that man is actually straight. No way.

  • Cords

    I agree with “niki” # 18. I also believe he is gay. There is no way a heterosexual man worth his salt would be caught dead in that shirt, those tight jeans, and those shoes….HELLO!!!

    I do not call his act “vain”, I call it “gay!”

  • Isbell

    LoL, do u guys seriously go around and think about if he is gay or not?
    First of all, he has kids and is married. Secoudly, even if he were gay would that be a problem? No. So why are u guys talking about him being gay?

    Leave the poor man alone! if he is or not, does not concern you. Thats Private. And also, people can dress how the f*** they want!

    Jeeez this thread is getting on my nerves.
    And I hope this message passes trough, because everyone have the right to say their own openion, just as these people above me have done.

  • dea

    To Isbell, just like you, we have the right to say what we think about this guy, so you totally contradicted yourself! and by the way, if this thread is getting on your nerves, then ignore and dont read it. SIMPLE as that! This is a blog, not a forum where we have to be in sync with one another. Peace out!

  • Cords

    Thank you Dea!!! I think Isbell has definitely contradicted herself in her fit of anger about our “openion!!” 🙂

    When I made my comment it was not to be offensive or crude, I was just stating my opinion…that is all!

    Sorry to anyone to whom I may have offended!


  • Isbell

    haha okey, where does it say that you can’t have your own opinion? All I said is that I think your opinions are stupid.

    AND I also wrote: “And I hope this message passes trough, because everyone have the right to say their own openion(opinion), just as these people above me have done.”

    what does that mean exakly?

    sorry for beeing so harsh, But I really think your comments a.k.a opnions are rude since you’r discussing if he is gay or not, and also the way he looks in his outfit.

  • Amanda

    who cares what he looks like?and no that dress isn’t ‘inappropriate’ its just a little to big for Syd is all.My bet is those are play shoes not her mother Haley’s,they are to small for a grown woman.

  • dea

    Hmm..I thought this thread is getting on your nerves but you still come back and read?

  • Cords

    LOL at Dea! We get you Isbell, nuff said!

  • ckj

    Come on now ladies. Put the claws in. This physician is the greatest thing since sliced bread. We wouldn’t be just a little bit jealous, would we? His wardrobe fits his personality and I for one think he looks outstanding at all times. I should be so lucky to scrub in with him in the O.R. Also, it’s quite obvious that he loves his family. Did his wife have an understanding of what would be involved if she married a doctor. It isn’t just about the money. Wives must be willing to sacrifice. I wish him the very best life has to offer and hope he’s successful in getting rid of a very interferring mother-in-law.

  • I cannot believe the things I’ve read on here about Dr. Rey. I just seen him just last week while he took his daughter to an audition, and the doctor didn’t look a day over thirty years of age! I had no clue as to how old he was until I read up on him, and I was astonished to know he’s almost fifty years old. Wow! Dr. Rey is INCREDIBLY FIT from what I’ve seen, and he is a very down to earth person with a great personality, and a very public loving, affectionate daddy as well. It’s very sad to read what negative people say about people who have made success for themselves. Whether rich or poor, nobody should judge their character, unless you’ve done things in poor taste like Britney Spears or Paris Hilton, then I agree you can talk smack!! I think Dr. Rey is a wonderful example of a rags to riches story, and he should be respected as a positive role model for others to follow.

  • Michiko

    hi! Hot picture alert! If Paris Hilton is your fave, then I have a website for you to see. Who wants it?

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