The Boys In Britney’s Life

A happy looking Britney Spears has been spotted wearing her boys’ names around her neck on a necklace. The necklace has her eldest son – 2 1/2-year-old Sean Preston’s middle name and youngest son Jayden James’ first name.

Both boys celebrate birthdays in September – Jayden turns 2 on Sept. 12, and Sean Preston, turns 3 on Sept. 14th.

Photos: Splash

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  1. Britney’s looking great – I hope she’s well.

  2. Nicole

    I guess she calls Sean “Preston” but nobody listens and they just call him Sean. I guess she should have switched the names.

  3. me

    I think the necklace is very sweet. It’s so nice to see Britney able to function again.

  4. ay

    She is locking great and healty. i think she is on the best way to get her health and life back. and the cecklace is so sweet..

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