Tori Spelling On Motherhood & 90210

Tori Spelling recently sat down with lilSugar for a one-on-one about all-things motherhood. She also addressed the recent reports that she will not be joining the Beverly Hills 90210 spinoff due to salary disputes.

On trying to cope with the ever-invading paparazzi: “That one is really hard. We try to maintain as much privacy as we can and sometimes it’s just unavoidable. They don’t make it easy. I don’t know if i could take both kids out alone. It’s really helpful to have Dean or someone come out with me.”

On if parenthood is what she expected: “It’s just amazing. The best advice I ever listened to was when someone told me not to listen to anyone’s advice because it’s an individual experience and as a mom your instincts take over and that’s the best thing.”

On her best tip for mothers: “The best thing we’ve done with Liam is talked to him. We describe everything to him and we don’t talk to him like he’s a baby. His vocabulary is amazing and he understands so much and he’s so happy. It’s important to communicate with your child. Now that we’ve seen that it works, we’re doing the same thing with Stella even though she’s just two months.”

On if she’s not joining the 90210 spin-off since her salary didn’t match that of the other stars: “We don’t know where those comments came from. I am currently not going to be involved, but I hope it does work out for the future and I don’t want to discuss the reason why. But, it makes me sad that people posted that today. It should be about the show and not about monetary things.”

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