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Tabloid should stop putting these little girls on their covers, it is a shame, the parents are famous, the child must be keep out of this.

Dreadful, isn’t it, Anonymous? the tabloids are just following the parents’ actions. Sell your kid or do an over the top photoshoot to introduce them and this is what they will get in return. While the likes of Jolie and Pitt can feel big that they sold Shiloh and their other kids for charity, they can also enjoy the idea that they’ve just turned her into tabloid fodder for the magazines. She is now a secure candidate for the covers for probably the rest of her life, at least, well into her 20s. Suri’s parents can also enjoy the fact… Read more »
Oh please Claudius, like the tabs still wouldn’t have splashed Shiloh’s face all over the cover if they HADN’T done a shoot. The fact of the matter is, paparazzi shots get bought no matter what. Tabloids can then do what they want with them – including putting them on their covers. Considering the lengths paparazzi will go to to get shots of some of these kids, there really is very little the parents can do, beyond hiding for the rest of their lives. And guess what? None of the parents CAN sue because the pics were taken in a public… Read more »
Nicole, actually, the magazines wouldn’t have featured the kids if the parents hadn’t done a photoshoot or gotten paid for said photoshoot. You know any celeb parent who hasn’t sold his or her kid and have that kid on the cover of a tabloid on his or her own? Just one would do. Sure, the tabloids would have still featured celeb kids but NEVER as a feature or cover story. We are talking about 2 kids under the age of THREE being used to make money these days. A look at the coverage of celebrity procreation by tabloid magazines shows… Read more »

Whoa! We can do academic papers here now??


It’s the tabloids. They’ve always blurred the line with what is and is not appropriate, which is why they will never get my money. Although, it must have been a very slow day at Star if having a toddler square-off is front page news. XD


It is socially irresponsible of both the tabloids to seek out this sort of thing as well as the exploiting parents to provide it. Matthew McConaughey and Larry Birkhead and the like are cashing in because they know they can which is a sad reality. Anyone with sense would know that this sort of thing is not good for their child, but I suppose the money is all they care about.

Sorry Claudius, but what you say is wrong, first of all, these a great difference between make a shoot to show a new baby, which pics would have however been take by the paps, and put children on the covers without a reason. Halle Barry doesn’t sell her daughter’s pics, but the paps have try to take them. These days Nicole Kidman was followed by the paps, although she says that she doesn’t want to sell Sunday’s pics. Julia Roberts also didn’t sell her child’s pics, but the paps have take pics of them. Matilda’s parent didn’t sell pics of… Read more »
kiki, of course, paparazzi will follow celebs whether they sell pictures of their kids or not. They follow them before they get pregnant, during and after. My argument or debate is not about photoshoots to combat paparazzi interest, it is about the result of said photoshoot and the result of taking money from the magazines. Celebrity parents who do photoshoots either through selling the pictures or just because they want the attention that comes with showing off their babies in the case of someone like Cruise will have the same children used later on by tabloids for their stories. It… Read more »