Steven Chapman & Family Open Up About Loss Of Maria Sue

On the evening of May 21, unimaginable tragedy struck Steven & Mary Beth Chapman when their 5-year-old daughter Maria Sue was accidentally killed by an SUV driven by their 17-year-old son, Will Franklin,

“At first you don’t even know if you can breathe. You don’t know if you are going to survive the grief and the deep, deep, deep sadness,” says Grammy-winning Christian singer Steven Curtis Chapman. “You just want to lay down and die.”

Coping with the pain of his daughter’s death and the anguish of his son who was at the wheel, Chapman said his faith has been tested,

“Every lyric I’ve ever written has been tested beyond what I ever imagined.”

The deeply religious family said the loss of Maria, who was adopted from China in 2004 (two more daughters, Shaoey, 9 next week, and Stevey Joy, 5, were also adopted from China), served to strengthen their belief in God,

“Faith is the only way I can tell myself she’s okay. She’s safe in the arms of Jesus and she’s flyin’ around,” Will said.

Steven’s wife Mary Beth speaks on her grief,

“I’m broken and I would give anything to have my baby girl back. But that’s not going to happen. So I wake up in the morning and make a choice. You can wallow in the deep end or you say, ‘God, show me what you want me to be about today and how can I honor you, and in turn honor Maria.'”

Our hearts go out to the Chapman family.

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  • apostle

    I absolutely love this beautiful family and like millions of others, I am completely broken to see them walking through such a sad, sad time. However, I am also greatly encouraged and strengthened in my own faith to see how steadfastly they are believing and relying on God’s sovereignty, even in the midst of unspeakable loss and grief. Steven Curtis Chapman is a “live with the lights on” kind of God follower who has always been excrutiatingly honest about who he is in Christ and because of his genuine heart and humility, God has used him, his music and ministry, to draw thousands of seekers closer to Himself. You will never find a heart more sincere than that of Steven Curtis Chapman. As Larry King said, he and his family are an incredible bunch. God will write a beautiful story of redemption and love out of this tragedy. In the meantime, they have my abiding love and prayers.

  • Bluezy

    I don’t know how you get through something like that. My thoughts are with them.

  • Rosy J

    I pray for his family that they will remain strong in their faith that God who sustains us all will see them through what must surely be the worst tragedy that they have ever faced.

  • Prayin’Girl

    I am still deeply saddened by this tragedy. I can’t even imagine the anguish the Chapman family has dealt with in the past few months. I had the amazing opportunity to attend a Steven Curtis Chapman concert in July, just a few months after little Maria Sue’s death. I was curious as to how he would handle it on stage and was amazed that he was even ready to be back in front of an audience. The energy level was certainly toned down compared to some of his previous concerts I have attended. He was so candid – so humble, so honest, so real. He was obviously still struggling with the loss of his little girl, but he was also so intentional about showing how much he loves his sons (both of whom were on stage with him playing in the band). He said that at first he didn’t know how he could ever possibly get on a stage again. After some time, though, he realized that if he truly believed the words of the songs he had written all these years, then he could do nothing but get back on stage and proclaim the truth of what he was singing about.
    Steven asked for us to continue praying especially for his wife and then began his beloved classic love song, “Tomorrow morning if you wake up and the sun does not appear, I will be here…..hold my hand and have no fear, I will be here…” Yes, a few people were reaching for the Kleenex. I didn’t expect he’d be able to get through one of his latest radio hits, Cinderella, but he did. It’s all about him taking the time to dance with his daughters before they’re grown up and gone. Before he sang it, he shared once again about his faith and how firmly he believes that God’s timing is perfect and that He knew very well that Maria Sue would live five short years on this earth. Steven then shared how he looks forward to dancing again with Maria Sue one day in heaven. Wow! From one song to another, it was evident Steven had been challenged to see if he truly believed the words he had penned, long before he knew how extensively he’d be tested.
    The Chapman family is obviously deeply rooted in their faith in Jesus Christ and that only because of God’s love and working in their lives have they been able to get through this tragedy one moment at a time. What a testimony of the peace that can be found in a trusting relationship with Jesus Christ! Every time I back out of my driveway, I take a moment to pray for the Chapman family. I know that God will bring healing to their broken hearts and I pray that many lives will be touched as the Chapman’s continue to reach out to others in the midst of their own grief.

  • Isbell

    This is heartbreaking to read, What a horrible situation. I can’t imagine how the 17 years old boy feels. I hope they move and and find peace.


  • Isbell

    move on*

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