Bridget & John Visit Goldie Hawn

Bridget Moynahan leaves Goldie Hawn’s home in Brentwood with her baby, John, who is just a few days shy of his first birthday. Clad in a bikini and white cover-up dress, the barefoot mom covers John as she heads to her car.

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  • What a cutie!

    I love his little chubby legs! I know this is probably very tacky – but – eat your heart out Gislut – Bridget Moynahan has such a beautiful child that she adores from that sperm donor of a boyfriend you have – Tom ‘Deadbeat Daddy” Brady!

  • What a adorable little boy!! How Tom Brady can stay away from this child for one minute is something I just don’t understand.

  • !!!

    he looks like his daddy

  • Lala

    He does look exactly like his dad. I like this mom, she clearly adores her son even though the circumstances may have been rough.

  • JK

    They look so cute together. He is nearly a year old. wander if he is walking yet?

  • Janie

    OMG – John is absolutely adorable and so is Bridget.

    I am a huge Patriots and Tom Brady fan but I cannot believe that Tom hardly ever sees this beautiful boy!!

  • gia

    she looks really fantastic & he is a cutie.

  • lily

    John is so cute- I’ve waiting to see the latest pics of him!!
    He looked so much like Tom when younger, now I have to say he is looking more like Bridget!!

    So happy to see this picture even though it was just a glimpse of him.

  • bridget fan

    She is such a beauty and what a cutie Jack is. I am seeing alot of his mother in his looks … lucky him. Love to see them out and enjoying life. Wish them the best in everything they do. Can’t wait to see her in a new movie.

  • erica

    I don’t know what kid a few of you are looking at…he does NOT look like his mom…John is Tom Brady’s /eye color and all…he looks just like him…But how does everyone know he doesn’t see his kid?? Or how do we know she isn’t playing baby hostage with Tom because he doesn’t want her…listen just because he doesn’t want her, doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about his son. And we all know how a woman scorned can act…I remember watching a interview with Tom around the super-bowl and how he was almost in tears when talking about his son…it seemed like something was going on…like she was pissed and wouldn’t let him see John. I doubt he is a dead-beat..John is his first child and Tom is his parents only son…so I think that would mean so much to him…and his sisters whom he is very close see his kid.

    ok i’m done babbling…John is such a beautiful boy.

  • linda

    Little John or “Jack” is nothing short of absoutely adorable! Due to his father’s strong facial features, he looks exactly like his dad. He is getting so big! I cant wait to see more pitures of him especially when he starts to walk. I like Bridget more and more as i read recent articles or interviews about her. She is classy, beautiful, charming, and through all of the baby-daddy drama, she has seemed to take the high road. She looks like she is a great, loving, doting mom. For being Tom Brady’s first born child, I dont know how Tom can not want to be more actively involved in John’s life. Yes, I know that Bridget and Tom are different coasts, however Tom did have some down time during the off season and yes, he did visit John atleast once…but he did go on a weeks long vacation out of the country with Gisele when he could of spent a little more time with his son. Now since football season is coming up around the corner…Tom will now be too busy once again to see his child. Basically, Tom needs to recognize what his priorities should be…his son, his career, then anything else that follows (Gisele). Anyways, look the pictures and cant wait to see more!

  • Erica

    Just because you didn’t see photos of Tom with John doesnt mean he hasn’t spent alot of time with him.Obviously by the way Brigit is covering his face while putting him in the car…shows that she doesn’t want him photographed like that. She seems like a great mom…why would she let Tom take John and spend time with him and Giselle if he has nothing or little to do with John? Stop judging on their personal lives since neither Brigit or Tom has spoken publicly about how they are handling John together.

  • Anonymous


    you can teach your pictures of your birthday adorable son John?

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