Busy Philipps Welcomes Daughter Birdie Leigh

Although she loved being pregnant and craved strawberry milkshakes ‘like nobody’s business’, Busy reveals that she’s already planning on working hard to lose the baby weight,

“I’ll make it happen, I’m not just gonna say it all fell off from breastfeeding!”

Congrats to the new parents !

Source : People

Photo : Splash, April 3rd

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  • Tiffany

    COME ON NOW! I love Busy………but really why would she named that baby Birdie.Wasn’t growing up being named Busy enough! I just wish people would really think about when that child becomes an adult.

  • Rinoa

    Tweet tweet! Chirp, chirp. Seriously, “Birdie”? Kind of cute for a baby but as an adult, I know that I sure wouldn’t want that name.

  • Julie

    Sounds like a hooker name to me… that’s cruel, and ridiculous!

  • Nicole

    I can’t wait till people start giving their kids REAL names again.

  • Peta

    Birdie? I wasn’t even the type to tease back in school and I just thought of a WHOLE list of taunting names for that child. I can only imagine what the more cruel children will call her. *shudders*

  • Whitney

    Busy’s given name is actually Elizabeth. Busy is just a nickname and it seems to have taken her far. Birdie is a classic name…maybe it is a family name…did anybody think of that? What’s cruel and ridiculous is how heinous people can be about a name. The problem isn’t the name, it’s how close-minded people can be. Besides, even kids with “normal” names (what is normal anyway?) get teased from time to time. It’s just part of growing up.

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