Kate & Ryder On The Beach

Source : Flynet

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  • Nicole

    I feel bad for Ryder, with all these new guys constantly in and out of his life.

  • V

    yeah he looks real miserable.

  • Nicole

    Did I say he looked unhappy? No. Not yet, anyway.

  • Tasha

    I agree with Nicole. No he doesn’t appear to be unhappy but he’s probably very confused. When I was his age, there were several men my mother dated after my parents divorce and we were told to call them “uncle.” I wasn’t unhappy because I was so young, but I was very perplexed.

  • Janie

    What is going on with Kate Hudson? Is she that insecure? She cannot live without a man for one week! She is an idiot! I feel bad for Ryder!

  • Rachel

    Ryder has a dad, and a very involved and supportive one at that. Hopefully Ryder is very secure in the consistent male influence he already has and his mother’s boyfriends are just that.

  • Kate

    His father is extremely involved and Kate makes sure to let Ryder know constantly how much she cares for him and such. I dont worry about Ryder.

  • emily

    um, that’s not a new guy. that’s the guy’s wife in the other pics with Kate lol.

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