Update: Confirmed – Another Baby On The Way For Donald Trump Jr. & Wife Vanessa

Update: Vanessa just confirmed to People that she is 3 ½ months pregnant and due in February. That will be her second baby with Donald Trump Jr. after Kai Madison, 15 months.

“We’re so excited,” she said. We just told the family this past Monday. They thought it was great news. I couldn’t hide it any more. The second time you show faster.”

She also explains how Kai reacts to the news,

“I point to my belly, and tell her there’s a baby in my belly,” says Vanessa. “She points to her belly button and thinks there’s a baby there. I say, ‘Not for you, for mama.’ “

Original post: It looks like Donald Trump is going to be a grandfather again! His son Donald Trump Jr., visibly pregnant wife Vanessa, and their daughter Kai Madison, 15 months, were spotted out for a walk in New York City today. No official announcement has made made yet.

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  • dea

    Hold up, are my eyes playing trick on me? A trump strolling a GRACO instead one of those 24k gold strollers? *cough Melania trump*.

  • !!!

    could be????

  • !!!

    could be??

  • gia

    i like how she keeps touching her belly & has her shirt tucked in the front to accentuate her bump. she wants everyone to know, but doesnt want to talk about it. passive aggressive…ha
    that little girl looks just like her daddy.

  • e

    that hair is not a good look on him.. he looks like a greaseball in a 8k suit! cute little girl though!

  • nosoupforyou

    Dude needs to lose that hair. It looks like his daughter’s!

  • Rachel

    Ha ha dea, good catch on the stroller. But don’t miss the Gucci diaper bag in back…

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