Carnie Wilson’s Weight Loss & Plans For Second Baby

Carnie Wilson has lost nearly 40 pounds since she started her health and wellness program this spring. Carnie is now 20 pounds away from her weight-loss goal. She is determined to reach 150 pounds by October when she will start trying to have a second child with husband Rob Bonfiglio. Carnie recently opened up about her weight loss program and her baby plans.

On how she feels: “I feel sexier, energetic, youthful, healthier, more agile, more flexible and stronger. I feel so inspired to keep going. I’m in the home stretch!”

On her weight loss program: “I’m not allowing myself anything that’s off my regimen: no sugar, no carbs, no dairy, no red meat, no flour of any kind. It’s really strict, but I like how it feels. I’m eating blueberries, turkey bacon, egg whites and lots of raw vegetable salads. I make my own salad dressing with apple cider vinegar. My only fat is coming from olive oil. No avocado, no roasted nuts — just raw almonds. When I get hungry at night, I take a tablespoon of almond butter and that satisfies my craving. The only sugary thing is berries. When I ate that crap sugar food, I felt like crap. It’s incredible what eating all these vegetables is doing for me.”

On her baby plans: “We’re going to start trying in October. I’m going to mount my husband! [laughs] I have friends who are pregnant, and I want to be pregnant so badly. Two more months to go — it can’t come soon enough. We want a baby in my tummy right away.”

On if her pregnancy will affect her new wellness program: “My ob-gyn said when you’re eating this way, you’ll have minimal weight gain. It was very difficult having Lola. I just kept gaining. I’m going to feel better in my next pregnancy. I have this weird feeling I’m going to have twins. My sister just had twins. My grandmother was a twin. It’s a serious possibility!”

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i have always loved her. heavy, thin, in between…she is beautiful and has a lovely voice.

Snoooooze. Carnie again with the weight loss. She goes from one extreme to the next. Why doesn’t she just live her life and enjoy the precious time with her daughter and eat right – portion control? She always has to talk to some magazine or other outlet. I guess she just cannot live without the spotlight and attention. I guess that is why she wants twins – so she has more to talk about. Like others have speculated, she probably is going to try IVF and that is why she is remarking that she thinks she will have twins. Plus… Read more »

i agree Jenna…
plus, i think going to the extreme just sets carnie up for a future 6 month binge & ultimate failure. moderation is the key, but i am guessing since she has food addiction or so she says, then she cant do moderation without inevitably going overboard. its sad.


And that’s dedication my friend! NOT to be able to touch 90% of food that we see everyday is hard work, not to mention the temptations..I agree with the posters about moderation/portion control.


I don’t get into all this hateful negativity about her. She’s doing a great job and eating well as an example for her child. Sure, it may be extreme for me or you, but maybe this is what works for her. I wish her the best of luck — and I don’t mind in the least seeing her on one cover or another. It just shows that Hollywood people struggle with the same things that I do.

I don’t think it’s about wanting the attention, I think it’s about wanting the money the media pays her for features about her weight. But, yes, she’d be much better off eating a sensible diet all the time rather than extremes of weightloss surgery or overly restricted diets. Not everyone can handle a sensible diet, however, they need restrictions. I hope she gets to her goal, gets pregnant, and after the baby’s born she learns how to eat sensibly and exercise so that she isn’t in this place again. That said, I think she looks cute the way she is–not… Read more »