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Actress, Elisabeth Röhm is a new mom to 4-month-old daughter Easton. Elisabeth joins Marcia Cross as a celebrity blogger for Graco where we get an inside look at her life as a new mom.

On her favorite part about being a Mom: “I have definitely reached a new level of happiness. It’s not that I wasn’t happy before, I just didn’t know I could be this happy all the time. Easton makes me happier than I could have ever imagined was even possible.”

On her latest wondrous moment with Easton: “Wow- we have continuous wondrous moments with this little one. Easton has the best sense of humor and laughs A LOT. I think she is probably the happiest person I know. Her laugh is wonderful.”

On her greatest lesson now that she is a Mom: “I hate to sound cliché, but I’ve learned what it means to be selfless. I feel such a sense of satisfaction in taking care of Easton. I never knew how much I would enjoy taking care of someone else all of the time. I truly feel that if something can’t get done [because I have to take care of Easton] than it just won’t get done. She comes first!”

On any family traditions that she is passing down to Easton: “We’ve started a new family tradition. Ron and I recently purchased a home in another country, a country that has no ties to either Ron’s or my family history. It’s a new place for us to go as a family. Easton will grow up visiting on Christmas or over summers; this will be like the backyard to her childhood. We are creating her memories.”

On her favorite children’s book:Harold and The Purple Crayon by Crockett Johnson”

On her favorite time of the day with Easton: “I love nighttime with Easton. Ron painted her room a beautiful lavender color, it’s extremely peaceful and quiet at night when she is sleepy and ready for me to put her down. I also LOVE when she falls asleep in my arms and wakes up in the same spot. When she wakes up and looks at me it’s like she is thinking “hey, thanks for not putting me down.” She wakes up so happy and relieved to see that she is still in my arms. It’s truly an amazing moment we share each time.”

On her favorite Graco product: “The SnugRider! The SnugRider has been very convenient for us while traveling. I can have her in her car seat on the plane and then use the stroller frame in the airport- its very easy to travel with. I also love the SnugRider because when Easton falls asleep in the car seat I can just pop her right into the stroller without waking her up – that’s key!”

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