Tom, Katie & Suri In NYC

Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and their 2-year-old daughter, Suri, leave their NYC apartment and head to the downtown playhouse where Katie is doing her rehearsals for All My Sons.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin

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  • Nicole

    No bottle!! Finally.

    She’s very cute, personal feelings about her parents aside.

  • Janie

    Suri is a beautiful little girl!

  • Anonymous

    Sorry to disappoint you, but she was beautiful, now she only is cute because she is a little girl. And tom and katie if you could stop to espose her like this, just look how she is sulking.

  • isbell

    She is beautiful, I dont wanna say more than that because I have nothing nice to say about her parents!

  • d

    have we ever seen Suri in pants? Or, dare I say….JEANS??

  • Jaden

    I love the way they dress Suri. This is how most Europeans dress their children. They are only small and cute once and for a very short while. Take advantage of that time. When she older and can looks back at her baby pictures she can see how beautiful she was. By the way most little girls loooove to wear dresses.

  • ivy

    atleast the dress fits her this time

  • Nala

    Sorry, but I have never seen any little girl dressed like this and I live in Europe and have visited many countries here. Maybe for special occasions, but apart from that, most parents dress their children suitable for playing outside, which is the way it should be!

    Children are human beings, not dolls. They don’t have to be “supercute”, they should be able to make their own experiences and become their own person, which includes being confronted with other children, socializing. They shouldn’t have to be careful not to ruin expensive clothes.

  • Anonymous

    i’m sure ruining expensive clothes is the last thing on this family’s mind…

    just because she’s usually in dresses does not mean they treat her like a doll – they don’t lock her up in the house. No. She goes to the park and plays…who cares about what she wears?

  • Jaden

    How can you critize a beautiful little girl in a beautiful dress. To me whatever your excuse is, is jeliousy!!!!!

  • Nicole

    Not every negative comment is jealousy. What’s there to be jealous about in a 2-year-old girl? Having an opinion does not make you jealous of anything.

    Suri has never been seen in anything other than dresses that make her look like a little doll. That is not everyone’s cup of tea, even if that is “how most Europeans dress their kids.” I am perfectly free to say I think they should put her in play clothes.

    Suri is a cute child. Kingston is one of my favorite celeb kids, and half the time I hate what he wears. It’s a matter of personal opinion, not jealousy.

  • Isbell

    Nala @ .. I don’t think she kritisized Suri.. I think it was more for Katie and Tom.

  • Monica

    Katie looks terrible. She is lke a robot now. Why is she wearing that tacky and disgusting green nailpolish!!!

  • d

    wow, was this all over my comment about pants?? Just checked back in..hee-hee! I have a 3 year old daughter who I enjoy taking to the park. She loves dresses, and I don’t prohibit them :), but they’re kinda hard to climb & play in. And tackling the sandbox in a dress….not for the faint of heart..LOL!

  • Nala

    Of course I didn’t criticise Suri, she’s only 2 years old and surely doesn’t make her own choices regarding clothing and socialisation. Jealousy? What should I be jealous of? I don’t get your point. 🙂

    I don’t know what may be going on behind the scenes, but the way they present their family in public is definitely far from down-to-earth, and to me, Suri always looks lost somehow.

  • d

    Nala, you are clearly not jealous (we can even spell the word! 😉 I have noticed people say that in immediate defense of any comments on celebrities that may be perceived as negative. I agree with your opinion, and think this family is way to into appearances and not practicality. I am a preschool teacher and we encourage parents to dress their little ones in clothes & shoes (rubber sole) they are comfortable to play in. As a parent of a little one, I can attest to the fact a dress isn’t the wisest choice for this. Best to keep dresses for dress-up and parties!

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