Jordan : “All Junior Wants To Do Is Cuddle Princess”

“He loves Princess. All he wants to do is cuddle and kiss her. We have to keep saying: ‘Be gentle.’ He’s very affectionate.”

But Jordan also admits that she wouldn’t let her 6-year-old son Harvey (who is disabled) unsupervised with the others.

“I still wouldn’t trust Harvey on his own with Princess,” she tells OK!. “I wouldn’t trust him with any kids.”

Source : Ok! Uk

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  1. Tasha

    She could have worded that last part differently, like “I don’t think Harvey is ready to be left alone with Princess yet.” What she said sounds so harsh!

  2. Amanda

    well I understnad where she is coming from,I watched their show on the E channel and Harvey was very rough in his movements and doesn’t really understand how his actions could hurt a smaller child.With his learning difficulties he doesn’t know how to be gentle,he can’t grasp that concept and I don’t blame her for not letting him be alone with the other kids,what if he knocked Junior down and hurt him?or dropped Princess when he was holding her?then what?They would blame her and say she was at fault for leaving him alone and should have never trusted him alone with the kids.

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